Friday, January 20, 2006

Worse than corgi smell

Except in this guy's case, his problem was pretty clear. And stinky. Of all the luck. Stop at a rest stop to use the bathroom and the lock freezes and you get stuck in the can.

Probably wished he'd just taken a whiz on the side of the road.

The thing is, I know it seems kind of cruel to sit here, in my cozy office, laughing at the guy, but I have to wonder how hard he tried to get out. We have an old house. Built in the '40's. Not old by UK standards but practically a historical monument over here.

The bathroom has a sliding lock. A sliding metal lock. It's impossible to open it from outside the room.

And the windows are old. The outer window in the bathroom was nailed shut. We've never gotten around to dealing with them yet...

Not to mention the upper floor of our bungalow is pretty high up.

Where's all this leading? Well, when Chinook got upstairs once and almost ate Buttons, I grabbed him and pushed him into the bathroom and shut the door while I went to check on the cats. When I came back he'd been jumping against the door and managed to knock the lock across.

And let me tell you something. Body-checking a door open isn't as easy as the cops make it seem!

But I managed. Eventually. So I have to wonder just how hard this guy tried to kick that door open.

Unless he's a scrawny weakling. In which case he needs to change his diet.


R.J. Baker said...

The interesting part is how this ever made it to CNN. The guy must have been going around telling folks "hey, I was just stuck in a crapper for for an hour".

I don't think if I was, I'd be advertising it. But, hell, maybe German are built like a brick ______ house - who knows...

Bernita said...

Maybe the door opened in.
Makes a BIG difference.

Sandra Ruttan said...

But isn't pee warm? I mean, it isn't like he needed to sit...I mean, damn, I would've tried anything.

But I don't think I'd share the story with the national media.

Erik Ivan James said...

I've never been lucky enough to find a public one with a lock on it that worked. But then, having spent several years in the military, and being just a gross male anyway, closed doors and locks aren't the priority.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day so far. Wow. Pandemonium.

M. G. Tarquini said...

The Bunions are always sending me the admonishment in the second cartoon. I don't know why.

Sandra Ruttan said...

erik, good point! how often do we find ones with locks?!

And they're usually cheap, flimsy locks at that. Easy to break off.

But this could be a great scene in a comedy.