Sunday, January 08, 2006

This + That

It turns out, Skittles has been in to more than the Pepsi.

Yes, that's right folks: Buttons is with kitten. She's in full nesting mode. All I can say is, I hope Kevin's here for the birth and better her than me.

Meanwhile, I got this email yesterday:

"I'm afraid this is not exactly right for our list. It's not your writing, just what we think we can sell to the particular contacts we have.

You might want to contact..."

There were two more paragraphs worth of suggestions, with an email address and general info about the source I was being referred to. I love rejection letters like this. Somebody took the time to write a personal email and had something nice to say. That made my day.

Plus they didn't say I couldn't write. That always makes me happy. I suppose I'll get that from the reviewers instead.

Otherwise, the weekend has been filled with work. I'm looking forward to Monday so that evil Kev will be at the office and I'll have a chance to really focus. This promises to be a busy week, albeit a fun one. I'm on a panel on Thursday night, discussing Harrogate and insider advice gleaned from lthe 2005 conference on how to get published.

I'll also be teaching a class on mystery writing - possibly two of them - next week. And I get paid big bucks for it, so that's awesome. It almost makes it worth my while to teach my niece's grade 6 class for a day. I've threatened to bring baby pictures to make sure she behaves.

Meanwhile, I've been messing around with Fireworks and almost got the site design for Trace's website done. Originally, evil Kev was going to design it but I was having too much fun. So he's just going to fix my mistakes so it works when it goes up.

And tomorrow, titles, the latest Spinetingler submissions...

Which reminds me. If anyone wants to get involved with Spinetingler, please email me. It's a volunteer thing, but it can be a lot of fun. I even survived interviewing the 8th bearded wonder of the world and haven't quit yet. And we are looking for another person to read submissions. Because I'm lazy. And right now Anonymous Kate's doing all the work.

So, I leave you with the proud parents-to-be. Though we suspect this is going to be a deadbeat dad who ignores the kids and doesn't pay the bills.


Anonymous said...

OMG, great picture in the Pepsi box!

You're right, I wish rejection letters were blunt. But then, many people don't appreciate bluntness. I'd rather know I'm horrible so I can improve rather than go on my merry way never progressing.

Trace said...

Sandra's doing a great job on my site!! I LOVE what she's come up with!

Hey Sandra, I'd be willing to read some submissions for you. I'm not a speedy reader, but I can get through short stories at an okay pace.

Evil Kev said...

So...You can only focus when I'm at work, eh?

Just for that, I going to toss a cat at you tonight.

Te he he