Tuesday, January 03, 2006

This time tomorrow...

you will be looking at my conclusions after reading Winter's End and The Touch of Ghosts. Since I'm not posting this as a formal review, it falls outside my usual "only talk about what I like" rule*. So you'll be getting the straight goods on my opinion of these two books, and what I expect from the upcoming offering from this guy.

In the mean time, puppies!



Yeah, I know I know, still no picture of me. I promise one by the time I get my first book published.**

* Just to make John toss and turn in fear and angst all night, wondering about what I'll say.
* Really, I'm just getting back at him for filtering out my email so it goes straight to the trash.
* Or maybe I'll like them and declare John the next Ian Rankin. Which anyone who knows me knows would be staggering praise, the equivalent of setting up a shrine in JR's honour.
** Which isn't promising much at this stage of the game.


John R. said...

I'll maintain my resolutely calm, inscrutable demeanour, you'll see. Anything anyone says to the contrary, and any evidence that suggests otherwise, is just lies. Lies and slander. Lies, slander and misinformation designed to sully my good name!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Hey, I found some t shirts.

For John:

For Stuart:

For James:

Oh, and a bonus for all: