Thursday, June 29, 2006

It Isn’t Murder If You’re Destroying Demons

My husband has a knack for finding movies./shows he thinks I’ll enjoy and tracking them down. Even if it means ordering it in from the US or elsewhere. We have a region-free dvd player, so some of our sets have come over from Hong Kong, Indonesia…

The other night, I took a rare few hours for TV, to watch Frailty. I don’t even remember hearing about this movie, but I really enjoyed it.

Now, I don’t want to give stuff about the movie away, in case anyone out there hasn’t seen it but thinks they might. What I will say is this. Although my crime-writing mind was trying to guess ahead at the potential twists that might be coming up (and therefore did come up with a few of the correct possibilities) the twists were so well executed it was a treat. Ultimately, I didn’t guess the final twist, some of the things that went through my mind I discounted for very logical reasons, but there was more I didn’t know that then turned everything around.

So, all in all, a movie that I not only really enjoyed watching (except for the parts where I closed by eyes or winced) but a movie I would recommend to those who like what I’d call a psychological thriller.

It’s interesting to mention this kind of movie, in light of the discussion surrounding violence in art that my post at Killer Year yesterday generated. There continue to be new comments on the topic, and a lot of the posters have put as much thought into sharing their insights as I did with my initial assessment of the subject.

I can maintain with my head that if someone commits a crime, I’m not responsible, even if they copy something I’d written. However, my heart has a harder time separating myself from the blame.

I don’t think it’s bad. I think that this is what keeps us human – that sense of concern for the impact our actions may or may not have. To question yourself doesn’t make you accountable, but it keeps you from being reckless and irresponsible with your actions.

So it’s not a bad thing.

Switching gears to something of a much different nature, A Quiet Night At Home by K. Robert Einarson proves an interesting follow-up to his story, Predator, on Flashing in the Gutters. I think my husband’s getting addicted to flashing.

Ever wish you were an Oscar Meyer Weiner? JT Ellison muses on the Killer Year blog.

What action hero would you be? Courtesy of Gabriele.

You scored as Neo, the "One". Neo is the computer hacker-turned-Messiah of the Matrix. He leads a small group of human rebels against the technology that controls them. Neo doubts his ability to lead but doesn't want to disappoint his friends. His goal is for a world where all men know the Truth and are free from the bonds of the Matrix.

Neo, the "One"


Batman, the Dark Knight


William Wallace


Lara Croft




The Amazing Spider-Man


Captain Jack Sparrow


El Zorro


The Terminator


James Bond, Agent 007


Indiana Jones


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
created with

Russel - named for the birthday boy himself. Happy Birthday Russel!


Stuart and Rebus

Rebus and Stuart

Universal Symbol Of Marriage Approved


Forty_Two said...

If it wants to be feared, then it's not a person. It's just a dangerous animal. And you can't murder a dangerous animal.

James Goodman said...

I loved that movie.

AS far as having someone imitate something I wrote, I don't think I could feel guilt for it. If they did the crime, they were predisposed to do something horrible and the fact they used a scenario I thought up, is something that is way out of my control.

Linda L. Richards said...

Sandra: I have some news for you.

Please sit down.

How well did you check the gender of those kitties? I think you need to check again. (Unless you just like giving boy names to everything. Which is fine, but...)

Russell and Stuart appear to me to be calicos. And calico is a genetic mutation: you can't get a male, they're always female.

OK, so now... hmmmm... it's possible I appear to know way too much about cats. But that's not it. There are no cats in any of my books. I just (ahem) happen to know a lot about everything. (She said modestly.)

Let me know how the kitty gender checking turns out.

Bill Cameron said...

I feel compelled to blog about my cat suddenly. Nene the Tyrant of the house.

Also, turns out I am Captain Jack Sparrow, except Opera crashed on me before I copied the HTML code thingie, and I don't have time to go take the test again. Besides, I'd probably turn out to be someone different, and I just don't want to take that chance.

Sandra Ruttan said...

42... That's one way of looking at it!

James, you're right. I know I just wouldn't shrug it off in a blink, though.

LOL Linda! We named the kittens as they were born, in part it was a joke/pledge to a few people who'd helped me out a lot. Stuart MacBride, promised that the firstborn would be named after him, Russel the second born. Rebus IS a male!

My husband isn't too impressed. But, well, he lived with it!

Bill, I feel dumb, but I don't know who Captain Jack Sparrow is!

Linda L. Richards said...

In that case, don't you think it should be Princess Stuart and Countess Russell or something?

And good thing Rebus is a boy 'cause Viscountess (or maybe Marchioness?) Rebus just isn't workin' for me.

Bill Cameron said...

Captain Jack Sparrow is the Johnny Depp character from Pirates of the Caribbean!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Damn, I feel dumb! Guess you know I don't stay too up on popular movies for real now!

Linda, how about Lady Stuart and Lady Simon... We tend to call Russel 'Russie'. Well, and Stuart 'Stuey'.

Yeah, Viscountess Rebus wouldn't work for me either, LOL!

Steve Allan said...

I'm, I'll go take that quiz.

mai wen said...

Our first cat was a pregnant stray, and when she had her kittens we couldn't tell what sex they were for a while! Maybe we were just dumb... but I'm still crazy about your cats Sandra! I'm tempted to drive up to Canada and steal them! I've always wanted to visit Canada, my favorite band's from there after all!

Loved the quiz (Batman, wahoo!) and loved the "Approved Marriage" picture, sent it to my co-workers (mostly only to my female co-workers and some of the males I thought could handle it) and my hubby, all loved it. It's perfect!

Thanks for the humor and fun and warm fuzzy pictures of animals!

Trace said...

I've never seen that movie. Sounds really cool. I love that pic of Stuart and Rebus!

Sandra Ruttan said...

So Steve, you like Spandex?

Trace, that movie is on the disturbing, thought-provoking side - I think you'd like it! Stuart and Rebus are inseparable.

Mai Wen, you'd provide such a good home for a kitty, I'm sure! What part of Canada do you want to see? It's pretty different from one side to the other.

Reel Fanatic said...

Not much of intelligence to add .. just wanted to add my own love of Frailty, a truly odd but very compelling little movie

Sandra Ruttan said...

Thanks for posting, Reel Fanatic. I really enjoyed it as well - Lions Gate has a knack for putting out dark, disturbing but top-quality stuff.

JamesO said...

Frailty is now on my rental list with amazon, so thanks for not putting in any spoilers, Sandra.

Dame Rebus would work. And I quite like the idea of Milady Stuart;}#

Sandra Ruttan said...

Then 'milady Stuart' Stuart shall be!

And I asked Reel Fanatic to give you some rental advice - with any luck, you'll have a list of suggestions.

Eileen said...

I can see you as a Neo. We need to get you the sort of trench coat thing fashion statement.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I love the marriage symbol....the kitties are so cute, they make me want some!*sigh*

Boy Kim said...

Don't steal them all please, Mai Wen. Sandra's promised to mail me one.

Oh and the "marriage" image looks very close to what I'm expecting on my first visit to a pro-Domme.