Friday, June 09, 2006

I’m so tired I can hardly see straight.

All I want to do is go back to bed, but I can’t. I’ve got work to do.

I finished the first cover-to-cover edit on Suspicious Circumstances yesterday. My poor editor will likely have a heart attack when she sees it, but I’m really pleased with how it’s going.

And I’ve finished going through the first four chapters for the second time.

So, the rest of today is about re-reading. There are a few scenes that need a bit more tweaking, beyond that, it’s continuity.

Because I found an ooops that not one of my critiquers pointed out. Oh, minor to be sure, but still. A wee little thing that slipped everyone by, until last night when I started smacking myself on the forehead.

But I’ll be around on the weekend, with some jokes and kitty pictures, and trying to clear my head after this first big re-write.

There are lots of other places to be today. Please stop by JT Ellison’s Murderati post and read about a cold case that’s near to JT’s heart.

JB Thompsons has done another fantastic interview, this time with authorRhys Bowen - check it out!

And, if in the midst of the blogger fits, you missed it, here again is the big news of the week:

Killer Year

It all started with an innocuous comment on Jason Pinter's blog about the 'class of 2007'. A reference to new authors with debut books coming out next year... and to make a long story short, the debut mystery authors of 2007 are banding together. I've been accepted as an honourary member to the group, being doubly odd by being both Canadian and having my first book scheduled for release this November. And the point here is, if you've got your debut crime/thriller coming out in 2007, then email Jason at with the following:

Your name
Book Title
Release schedule
Blog Link

Jason already has a Killer Year holding page for the website up, where all the authors will be mentioned. Brett's hard at work on logo designs and t-shirts and everyone's having mercy on me, because I'm in the middle of edits.

This is a great way for us newbies to link up, to get to know each other, get some exposure. So, if you fit the bill, don't be shy! Email Jason, and spread the word!

And perhaps I shouldn’t mention the name of the saintly individual that sent me this joke?

A woman pregnant with triplets is walking down the street when a masked robber runs out the bank and shoots her three times in the stomach. Luckily the babies are okay. The surgeon decides to leave the bullets in because it's too risky to operate. The woman gives birth to two girls and a boy.

All is fine for 16 years, and then one daughter walks into the room in tears. "What's wrong?" asks the mother. "I was having a wee and this bullet came out." replies the daughter. The mother tells her it's okay and explains what happened 16 years ago.

About a week later the second daughter walks in to the room in tears. "Mom, I was having a wee and this bullet came out." Again the mother tells her not to worry and explains what happened 16 years ago.

A week later the boy walks into the room in tears. "It's okay," says the mom, "I know what happened, you were having a wee and a bullet came out." And the boy says, "No, I was jerking off and I shot the dog!"

DAMN! I meant to post links to JT's new flash fiction piece, Dream Weaver and MG Tarquini's Everybody's a Critic. So sorry I forgot that, guys. I need caffeine...


JT Ellison said...

Great joke -- I'm happy for a Friday morning giggle.
Have fun with the edits :)
Thanks for the mention, too.

Trace said...

Excellent idea, Killer Year! I love it! Does this include ebooks as well? Or just print books? I have a lot of ebook author friends!

Congrats on the honorary position! WOOHOO! You rock!

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to Dail. It's really sad and frightening how often this happens.

JamesO said...

I missed something? Surely not. Go on Sandra, do tell. I'm usually very hot on continuity errors, having struggled so much with my own writing on that particular front.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I don't know about ebooks Trace, you'd have to query Jason on that one.

James, I haven't been 100% through the lbl you gave me, so you *might* have caught it.

But nobody else, even not His Greatness, has commented on this one.

angie said...

Happy rewrites, Sandra! Good to know that you're moving closer to that pub. date.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I am looking forward to a pub date.

Ohhhh, that's not what you meant, is it?

Forty_Two said...

A very long time ago I read something in a science fiction magazine titled, Man of steel, woman of kleenex. The article described the impossibility of Superman and Lois Lane procreating children together. The author argued that semen being ejaculated from Superman should have the velocity of machine gun bullets, thus cutting short the reproductive process.

Just a little something to add to your joke.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Thanks for the mention, Sandra. That flash was definitely a need to get away from rewrites. Good on you for staying with it. J.T.'s flash was great. I need to go tell her. My brain isn't attached tightly to the rest of me lately.

Back to revisions.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...I'm still laughing...LOL! Great joke! Shot the dog!"...LOL!

Linda L. Richards said...

The Killer Year is brilliant! I'd wish you luck, but ya'll don't need it. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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