Monday, June 05, 2006

I remember the day we decided to start Spinetingler…

…and not always with great fondness, either.

It’s funny to think back, because 18 months ago, when it started, I was barely on DorothyL trying to make sense of the listserve and who these people were (but I was continuously being told I had to read it if I was writing mysteries). I’d never heard of a blog. I participated in discussions on some author forums, but hadn’t even been on those for close to a year and was there mainly as a way to get book referrals and find other people with similar interests.

And when we started the ezine, I had no idea how much it would grow over time.

Yes, folks, the new issue of Spinetingler Magazine is up And it’s our biggest issue yet, complete with

- Short Stories

And the Devil Will Drag You Under by Stephen Blackmoore
Demon in the Storehouse by Megan Powell
Cursive Three by Joe Swope
A Dream by Erato Sahapoglu
The Kiss George Burden
DJ’s Girl by Sarah Weinman
Downdraft From Tokyo by Michael Obilade
Tigergirl by Daniel Arenson
Domino by MG Tarquini

- Interviews and Profiles

Murphy’s Laws For Successful Writing: Profile of Margaret Murphy by Chris High
Colin Campbell: His Work, Love of Films & Tennis, And What the Future Holds by Chris High
In Conversation With Cornelia Read: Blubber, Barf Buckets, Breast Size and… The National Film Board of Canada? (part 2) by Sandra Ruttan

- Reviews

Sandra Ruttan reviews Rhapsody in Blood, The Forest of Souls and The Field of Darkness

Chris High reviews Through the Ruins of Midnight, Gone and The Lincoln Lawyer

Andrea Maloney reviews Murder @ Work

Martin Edwards reviews Raven Black by Ann Cleeves (nominated for the top Dagger prize this year)

Book Signing: On the Road with Lee Child and Cornelia Read by Angela Lynn

Fostering Online Communities on Author Forums: Sandra Ruttan interviews moderator Jayne Massey, with comments from Mark Billinghamand John Connolly

Spinetingler Staff Profile: M G Tarquini

And, as though that isn’t enough, we’ve launched the COZY NOIR contest.

There are four stories included, just to show you how broadly we’ll define “cozy noir”.

A Fistful of Cozy by JA Konrath
Unstuffed by Bill Blume
Favourite Things by K. Robert Einarson (as in, evilkev)
Childhood Dreams by Sandra Ruttan

Oddly enough, when we started Spinetingler, I was only aware of a few ezines out there. Now, the numbers are growing. I do try to keep an updated list of links here for publication venues, and if you know of others I don’t have, please let me know.

And special thanks to Trace, one of our amazing editors, who we plan to profile in the Fall Issue.

Now, let me see. This month I have to finish off the Canadian Issue, finish selecting the stories for the special double issue we’re running for Fall, do the edits on the stories for fall, prep for a couple interviews coming up and continue arguing with evilkev about why he insists on making such cheery covers for an not-so-cheery ezine.

Plus, you know, finish editing my book.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

I was going to send you all to Brett's blog, but he might want to keep that Tar Pit idea to himself. Never know how that might prove useful down the road, Brett…

And Because, as Bill said, You Can Never Have Too Many Kitties…

Now you may tell us how fantastic the issue looks. Or point out really big mistakes we missed. The bigger the issue, the more stressed I'm getting about that...


JamesO said...

Hooray! A new Spinetingler!

And if you're worried about mistakes, Sandra, think on this. You make Spinetingler available for free. You bring us new stories and reviews, competitions and loads more besides. you do this on your own time for no more than the satisfaction of sharing your enthusiasm for the mystery genre with like-minded people.

If anyone complains about mistakes, you send them over to me. I'll persuade them how much better they look with a different shaped nose.

Mind you, I really didn't need yet another distraction from the writing...

Trace said...

Thank YOU Sandra! I LOVE helping with Spinetingler!

The kitties are so friggin' adorable!

angie said...

I don't know how the FREAK you have time to do all of this Sandra, but I'm really glad you're doin' the thing. Great issue - still working my way through all the stories & reviews (it's a biggie issue). So...thanks for all the hard work (and to the rest of the minions, too).

Andrea at Lochthyme said...

Sandra. The issue looks great! Working my way thru it now...awesome!

Andrea at Lochthyme said...
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S. W. Vaughn said...

Well, Sandra, I think you can officially say that your little ezine is HUGE. I can't wait to check this out -- the title And the Devil Will Drag You Under speaks to me. :-)

And I'll get to read some of your work! Wahoo!

Will be back later to tell you how fantastic the issue looks. :-)

anne frasier said...

goddamn!! just read stephen's story and LOVED it!!!



sandra, you rock. this is an amazing thing you're doing. here. let me massage your feet and get you a beer.

Brett Battles said...

Fantastic! Way to go. Can't wait to dig if I could only get this tar off my feet...

Sandra Ruttan said...

James redesigning noses. Cool!

Trace, we're happy to have you aboard. And Andrea.

Angie, just call me Wonder Woman. Still waiting for the bulletproof bracelets though.

SW thanks, and that is a great title. Can't say more, Stephen will pop up and get a swelled head. Oh, wait, that'll happen when he sees Anne's comment anyway!

Beer and footrub? Sounds good Anne!

Brett, that's what you get for indulging all your dirty ideas! LOL!

angie said...

Okay, now I can't get the image of Linda Evans in that dorky outfit zinging bullets off her aluminum bracelets out of my head. That is NOT okay. Damn you, Sandra!

JT Ellison said...

I am setting aside tomorrow morning for Spinetingler. So much goodness in one small package must be savored and enjoyed. Another great job!

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Fine, go ahead. Make fun of my encephalitis. Swelled head. Sheesh.

Thank you, Anne. I had a great time writing it.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Blogger's being a doo-doo head.

This issue really is super-sized. Lots of interesting stuff and full of good stories. Good show, sandra!

Sandra Ruttan said...

LOL Angie! Sorry.

Thank JT, glad you've got the time to indulge!

Stephen, what can I say to that? You should see a doctor. (And you know I loved your story. You were v. fun to edit as well.)

Erich Haught said...

Cool. I can't wait to read the new issue!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I gotta go read SpineTingler while blogger is being a poop.

Kittens in a cute!

Amra Pajalic said...

Looking forward to reading it. Especially curious to see some examples of cozy noir and get my head wrapped around it.