Sunday, June 11, 2006

I taught him everything he knows

I hope you can all do me a big favour - do yourselves a favour - and read Predator by K. Robert Einarson. Then leave him a comment.

Because (sniff, sniff) today I get to be the proud wife of the writer and I do think evilkev's story is fantastic.

And he gets all whiny when he writes publisher's letters and the short story for the Cozy Noir contest and nobody tells him they like his stuff.

Of coure, he doesn't have a blog so why should he expect feedback on the Spinetingler stuff?

A site worth reading
Author Jan Burke has a fantastic blog, very insightful, rather unlike this blog. Jan has been talking about problems facing crime labs in the US. If you're writing crime, you should check out her blog, and if you're interested in forensic science, you'll find her insights fascinating. She blogs about more than that, but truly, this is a blog unlike most, well worth visiting when you've got a few minutes to really process the valuable information she's providing. And beyond crime writers, it's important stuff. People should know about the challenges the justice system faces as a result of insufficient staff and budget shortfalls at public labs.

In other news...
I'm going to throw up a post tomorrow or the next day about the edits. Yes, I've finished the first rewrite. The fantastic JT Ellison is reading it over to tell me if I screwed anything up majorly, and then I'll go over it again and give it back to my editor.

Who will die from the shock, I'm sure, but more about that in the next few days.

New faces!
Just wanted to say it's great to see The Rentable Writer, DesLily, Elizabeth, Forty_Two.... So many new faces popping up lately! And usually I'm much better at getting on the ball and adding links and all that jazz. All I can say is, I'll get there. As soon as the ms goes back to my editor, I'll have either a few days to breath, or a lot of explaining to do.

But I always love seeing new people drop by.

Forty_Two had a que...
...about what the seven basic plots were. The answer comes compliments of JB Thompson. Speaking of JB, she did an interview with author Rhys Bowen the other day. Check it out!

1. man vs. nature
2. man vs. man
3. man vs. the environment
4. man vs. machines/technology
5. man vs. the supernatural
6. man vs. self
7. man vs. god/religion

Woman may, of course, be substituted for man in all cases.


JT Ellison said...

Kev's story is great!
Typical of JB to have all the answers.
I'm off to finish reading this really cool book I stumbled across in my email...

Brett Battles said...

You can substitute a woman for man in all cases?

Would a woman drive around lost for hours and never stop for directions? Would a woman go into a public restroom and not talk to anyone else there? Would a woman say to her spouse, "Sure I can fix the television," then tear it apart without the benefits of instrutions or even training only to says "I don't have time to finish it, maybe you could call someone to take care of it?"

No, I say. You can not substitute a woman for a man in all cases. We have our place. And we hold on to it as tightly as possible...with one hand while the other holds a beer...or a remote...

Good story Kevin. Very Evil.

Sandra Ruttan said...

JT, watch out for that email! Next it'll be colorful magazines popping up unexpectedly, I'm sure!

Brett, I've heard some say men can be replaced with zuchini's. If you read Al Guthrie's flash piece at Tribe's, you might say candle.

And neither are a substitute for a woman.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Ah ha! Comments are working again! For some reason Blogger wouldn't let me talk to you, Sandra... :-)

Thanks for the seven types of story. I've been looking for that. And many congrats to evilkev -- you must be so proud!

Drive By Fruiting said...

Your blog rocks!