Sunday, October 08, 2006

What a trip

If you want to develop a drug addiction, come to Alberta and become an alcoholic. You just might get your LSD for free. You know, I’m sorry, but I suspect users of LSD have been describing it as a ‘spiritual experience’ for a good 50 years or so, but all of a sudden some hoity-toity intellectual type says it and we’ll discuss funding a program to treat alcoholism with LSD?

Ooohh, and shocking, it comes out that there were tests done in Saskatchewan back in the 50s and 60s? Insert various farmer jokes here.

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve had some stupid ideas. You know the puffy white trails that follow jets through the sky? About 30 years ago, I thought those were people going to heaven.

If I said that’s what they were now, people would ask me what I’d been smoking.

This is the typical ‘think inside the box’ approach I’ve come to expect from government types. We won’t think about making people addiction-free. No, no, why think about that?

Instead, we’ll think about getting them off our assigned ‘drug’ or ‘naughty beverage’ or whatever. What do we care if we get them off booze by using drugs? We’re only supposed to get them off booze.

It’s a bit like saying the object is to make these people cancer free, so since this guy has cancer in his leg, we’ll just cut it off.

No, no. The object is to cure the cancer. To cure the addiction. Not to replace one problem with another because you think it’s an easy solution.

Yeah, you knew it couldn’t last long. A whole week without me ranting away.

But I have some more B’con photos.

Kim Reis – who won an ARC of my book. Kim was a lot of fun to hang out with.

Do you see what we all have in common?

Alex Brett and Neil Plakcy on their panel.

It was always easy to find the parties.

Laura Lippman learned about the perils of bowling.

Bill Cameron and Anne Frasier

That’s all folks! Jen Jordan and John Rickards.

And, as though my blog doesn’t have enough about my opinions, I took part in a three-way interview on reviewing. I had a chance to meet Jeri Westerson at Bouchercon, and she’s great.

It was an interesting interview and it certainly made me think, again, about why I hate reviewing.

A couple of housekeeping things. I understand the blog isn’t looking as grand in Internet Explorer. Thanks to Naomi, who left a note about that. I’m not sure what I can do, but I’ll fiddle around with it as soon as I have a chance to bang my head against the code wall.

I have actually always found my blog looks crummy in IE. But I use Safari…


Anonymous said...

So...flashbacks instead of DTs, interesting tradeoff. Ah the genius of bureaucracy. norby

Trace said...

Trade one addiction for another. Sure! What not?

Anonymous said...

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anne frasier said...

back when i was a kid i had to walk five miles through the snow to get a hit of strawberry sunshine.
as a child of the sixtes, i can say that acid isn't addicting because you can't get high on it more than a couple of days in a row. dammit!! but still an odd idea. are a bunch of acid heads just trying to keep themselves supplied? :D

those napkins look funny. like flames.

that photo of jen and john is fantastic. the baby-blue shirts, the reflection. those two. love it!!!

anne frasier said...

oh, and what stupid spam. LOL!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Well, I suppose if your past is great, maybe flashbacks aren't such a bad idea.

What I want to know is, is LSD legal? Because I don't think it is. And if not, then would we see a move for medicinal LSD? We've already got problems with medicinal marijuana. Second-hand marijuana headaches make me grumpy.

Yeah, you've got to love the completely idiotic spam I get~! I don't make contact lenses.

anne frasier said...

no, LSD isn't legal. so yeah, i'm imagining a push to medicinal, which was why i wondered about some acid heads being behind it. it's fucked up stuff. can't imagine it helping with anything unless it makes people too paranoid to leave the house to buy booze. :D

Sandra Ruttan said...

Yeah, see, that's just weird. Not like you can't get just about anything delivered to your door anymore!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Government idiots will always come up with stupid ideas..that's what we count on them for!

The pictures from B'con are great!

And I like the new format page for comments!

John R. said...

A career in showbusiness beckons.

James Goodman said...

I want money for nothing and my LSD for free, lol. I just think this is a really bad idea. If anything they should be using Mescaline. Everyone knows that's the only truly spiritual experience inducing narcotic because it is a gift from the goddess.

(joking by the way)

Sandra Ruttan said...

Bonnie, thanks. Some people didn't like the pop up comments.

James, LOL!

John, indeed. You're a natural.