Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beyond the Bouchercon Hoopla

There were actually a lot of great quiet moments at B’con. I don’t think anyone expressed it better than Bill did, which left me a bit at a loss for words, because he said it so well.

There were things, like dinner with Rob, Bill and Marc (all Killer Year). Dinner with Julia, David Skibbins and Bill, and being joined by Anne Frasier and Rob Gregory Browne. There were the quiet breakfasts, the farmer’s market, the semi-quiet drinks.

Bill and I also had a fantastic meal with Robert Fate. What a treat that was. And extended chats with Kevin Burton Smith. Easy going and entertaining, it was very naughty of me to poke fun at him so much the other day. Bad Sandra. No regrets about teasing Brett, though, even if he did post a sucky photo of me to get even.

In many respects, as much as I did go to panels and did enjoy all of them, I got to have a lot of great conversations. I got to spend time at lunch with Julia Buckley, Caroline Upcher and Sandra Parshall. I got to spend time in the bar with Denise Mina, Laura Lippman, Cornelia Read, Sandra Parshall, Anne Frasier, Julia Buckley…

I also got to spend time before and after with the Crimespree Clan, and I got to ride with Sean Chercover, who has a great post up at Killer Year today.

I had worried about feeling lost in the shuffle amidst the crowds at Bouchercon, but it wasn’t like that for me. A few people joked they had to jump in to get through my entourage, but it wasn’t that bad. More that it never took long to find a friendly face to chat with.

I had great chats with Mark Billingham, with Cornelia, with Andi Shechter. I got to chat with Sarah Byrne, although she was definitely feeling the effects of jet lag. I had a great time at the Bloody Brits Press launch, talking to Neil Plakcy and Kim Reis.

I actually made a list of people I met and it took more than three pages in my notebook, and that was with more than one column per page.

And undoubtedly, I did forget someone.

Like poor Brian Thornton. Who knows where Medicine Hat is and likes Blue Rodeo.

What I don’t remember is the name of the person who, upon me telling them I live in Alberta, said, “Oh, Alberta. There’s nothing there.”

I had a great time chatting with Sujata Massey.

I was surprised by how many people said they’d thought about moving to Canada.

I just wish more people were going to Anchorage, but one thing I know is that those of us who are there will feel like we’re meeting up with family. And I look forward to it.

* I had more photos, but blogger is being pissy this morning. I'll try to get them up with the video, which I haven't had time to edit yet. Duane and Al sounding like giggling idiots isn't a reason not to put it up - it's a reason to definitely put it up! I'm working on it!


Jess Lourey said...

LOVE the new tag line! A totally organic and honest statement from Sandra Ruttan: "I still am a lost virgin." :) You're a natural mystery writer because even I want to know more, and I was there.

Sandra Ruttan said...

LOL Jess!

It's the line about Mark that would really pique interest, though. ;)

Lisa Hunter said...

Glad you had a great time at B'con. (The temptation is great to say "Told you so.") I love being in a group where people get my jokes and obscure references, and it sounds like there's a lot of "insider" stuff in the mystery/thriller crowd.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Yes Lisa, I deserve to hear "I told you so" at least once.

Silly me.

Anonymous said...

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