Saturday, October 28, 2006

Score Two For Hollywood

Explosions. Fist fights. Suspense. Sex. The Departed has all the usual ingredients in an entertaining film.

But while some movies take all the basics, put them together and fail to impress me, this is a movie that I really enjoyed. The best evidence of that is that we’d been in the theatre more than 2.5 hours and it had never even occurred to me to look at my watch once and wonder how much longer.

And believe me, I usually do that, even with things I enjoy.

This is a movie that overall worked well for me. The performances were stellar, and I’m someone who’s never felt enticed to watch Titanic. Can’t say Leonardo ever really did anything for me, until this role. I loved his character. And the way Matt Damon played his role was convincing.

This is a movie where trust is questioned and compromised throughout. Often, movies let bad guys show themselves with a change in facial expression, some tell-tale sign that they’ve lied. Not so much here, as is evidenced by the multiple twists. Shit, I never really knew what was going to happen next.

There was something in the movie I could cite as a criticism, but as I said I enjoyed this film. It is hardboiled noir… and damn, Mark Wahlberg’s character – I loved that character. I wish I’d written that character.

I could say more, but suffice it to say I don’t think the female audience will complain much about what they have to look at in this film.

So, score one for Hollywood. We don’t go to the theatre often, so when we do, it had better entertain me. Especially since Famous Players was bought out, because the theatre has gone downhill. You go in to get your seats 15 minutes before and they don’t even have lights on. What the hell? And this is the biggest theatre line in the city. There were other things I could gripe over, but why bother? All of it just goes to me questioning paying the money to go out and see a film when it’s significantly cheaper to buy the dvd, you only have to wait a few months longer and you can eat decent food while you watch it.

Enough said.

The other hit this week? Midnight Cowboy. A classic. Okay, it’s an old film, as old as evilkev. But I still enjoyed it, and sometimes it’s a good thing to go back and indulge in some of the classics.

One of the things I used to like about going to movies was seeing the trailers and getting ideas about films I’d like to see. We saw lots of trailers. The Good Shepherd was the only one that sparked some interest on my part, on any level. I’m not sure we’ll go see it in the theatre, but if we don’t, we’ll buy the dvd.

I hope you appreciate this Angie and SW! I’m always thinking of you.


I have been having some email problems over the past few days. Mainly with comcast, but also a few other wild things going on. So, if you haven't heard back from me on something, have patience. I'm working on it...

Bit of a bitch, though. I got a message my mother was hit by a car and I haven't been able to even email her yet. In case she's reading, hope you're okay and I'll keep trying on my end.


S. W. Vaughn said...

Hooray! Sandra did a weekend post just for me and Angie! And I'm first!!

Nyah-nyah! :D

Okay, so maybe I will go and see The Departed. I'm not a big DiCaprio fan either, and I'm sure hubby will decline to accompany me. He and my brother are the last people on Earth who have not watched Titanic, and they're damned proud of it!

Sandra Ruttan said...


And they are not the last people who haven't seen Titanic! I am too! And damn proud of it. The idea of seeing Kate What's-her-name naked wasn't enough to entice me. And you know how it ends, so what's the point?

S. W. Vaughn said...

That makes three... four if Evilkev is also one of the few, the proud, the Titanic-free. :D

I hope your mother is all right too. Getting bad news with no way to verify facts is so maddening.

angie said...

Fine. I see how it is...I go off to buy a whoopee cushion & end up sliding in late.

I've never see Titanic, either. I don't get the allure. It's a big ship. It sinks. And the movie will surprise me how? Still, DiCaprio was awesome in What's Eating Gilbert Grape (as was Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis).

Sorry to hear about your mom - hope it wasn't anything serious. What is it with your family and getting hit by cars?! That's a nasty trend ya got going there.

Reel Fanatic said...

Im totally with you on "The Departed" .. I think what impressed me most was how Mr. Scorsese, with a big assist from screenwriter William Monahan, was able to transport his "Mean Streets" from New York/New Jersey to south Boston with such ease

Sandra Ruttan said...

SW, we won't talk about evilkev. Or the box of videos I have hidden downstairs. :O

Angie, a whoopee cushion?! Do tell!

Reel Fanatic, it really did fit Boston. I think I'll pick up the soundtrack, actually, although a few of the music cut-outs were rather harsh in the movie, almost jarring. Still, I really enjoyed it. I thought Leo did a fantastic job.

Trace said...

I've wanted to see The Departed since I saw the previews on tv. Good cast. I hope your mother is doing okay.

angie said...

Getting all the sound effects ready for the Day of the Dead Show - our old whoopee cushion was worn out. So...brand-new, self-inflating whooppee cushion? check. Toy shotgun with cheesy sound effects and actual plastic cartridges? check (yes, it's creepy that that's a toy). Med. sized pane of glass in a pillow case with a hammer to shatter said glass? check. Compendium of animal samples combined through the magic of GarageBand into a barnyard soundtrack? check.

You wouldn't believe the crap that goes into making sound effects for things like "evil, hyper-intelligent squirrels rampage and shoot out all the television screens in WalMart." Etc., etc.

Julia Buckley said...

Oh my gosh! I hope your mother is okay! What a terrible message to receive.

And eventually you can e-mail me, after the important stuff, because I did contact you during your e problems. :)

mai wen said...

I liked Departed too but was disappointed in the ending... and not what happened at the end but HOW it happened. It seemed a bit too convenient and I was disappointed the writers didn't put more thought into it. And it was definitely wrapped up with a pretty (if not bloody) little red bow.

Worth seeing none-the-less.

Loved Titanic, what can I say? I'll never let go, Jack! ;-)