Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Tomorrow, I will be having my heart extracted through my bowels, I believe with pruning shears.

In other words, someone's giving me editing notes. And they decided to "talk" to me about it instead of sending a "Dear Sandra, this is shit" letter.

Crap. It must be bad.

So, I have decided that my post on editing will go up tomorrow. So I remember what it's like to be on the other side of the equation and take it like a pro.

Which means crying in private.

Don't forget to check out the sneak peek at the contest details below.

With thanks to James for the link.

You Are Midnight

You are more than a little eccentric, and you're apt to keep very unusual habits.

Whether you're a nightowl, living in a commune, or taking a vow of silence - you like to experiment with your lifestyle.

Expressing your individuality is important to you, and you often lie awake in bed thinking about the world and your place in it.

You enjoy staying home, but that doesn't mean you're a hermit. You also appreciate quality time with family and close friends.


JT Ellison said...
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Boy Kim said...

I'm trying hard not to comment on the fact that pruning shears would even fit up your arse.

And failing spectacularly.

JT Ellison said...

I end up being sunset, which I egregiously misspelled in my earlier post. Scary accurate, that one. Sunset is my favorite time of day. Everything seems sharper and clearer as the sun goes down.
Don't worry, your edits are going to be great. Little tweaks at most.

angie said...

Or it could be really good. It's kinda cool that you'll get to talk to a real person & not just words on a screen. Either way, your freakin' book is getting published - Yay, Sandra!! Editing is never fun, but I know you'll handle it like a pro (and not just by crying in private). It'll just make a good book better, that's all. And it's one step closer to seeing your book on the shelf of bookstores everywhere. Hang in there & don't forget to breathe!

Sandra Ruttan said...

My darling Kim, they're the child-sized version. You know, dollhouse miniatures.

JT, I love sunset. But I am a child of the night. Until I married the freaking creature of morning. Who chooses to wake up at 4 or 5 am.

We need separate bedrooms. Desperately.

Angie, it is words on a screen - we have an msn meeting. Truthfully, I'm looking forward to it. It isn't often that I get to commandeer the time of a god. And said person is one of my gods. But I can't tell you which one and I have to downplay it, because I don't want it going to his head.

Brett Battles said...

I'm Midnight...odd, because I naturally wake up at 5:45 a.m. But everything else seems appropriate.

I much prefer to have the conversation about edits. It's more give and talk. I can ask quesitons and prob a little about their comments. And usually people don't want to talk with you if they think your work sucks. That they'll jsut put in writing.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Oh, er, uh, guess I'd better scrap that "Dear Brett" letter.

Just kidding Brett!

Boy Kim said...

The doll-house miniature version they might be, but that's still got to smart just a touch when they're flexed.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Okay sweetheart, not that you need to know everything about me, but I have had a colonoscopy.

And a barium enema. Because I have a chronic digestive disorder. So, while some might say their heart was going to be dug out of their chest with a dull spoon, for me, the most painful thing I could imagine was having it dragged through my bowels.

Because I actually do have some idea of what that feels like. And an endoscopy isn't any fun either, for the record!

Boy Kim said...

Not that you need to know everything about me either (although if you've got any sort of a memory you'll not be surprised at what follows), but I wasn't actually thinking along the line of "that's got to smart a touch when they're flexed" in a bad way, more a "hmmm... now there's an idea" way.

Sandra Ruttan said...


Geez, nothing I say is safe around you.

If you were a cop, your partner would never ask if you had their back, I tell ya!

Boy Kim said...

Ummm... I think you may be forgetting that my interest lies solely in bottoming, not topping or switching. With this in mind, does my previous comment take on a new perspective?

(Psst... should this be the sort of conversation we should be having on your blog? I'm perfectly ok with it if you and everyone else is.)

Andrea at Lochthyme said...

I'm midnight too. And I'm sure your edits will be a breeze! Good luck and have fun!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Well Boy Kim, I can't speak for everyone else... But I know exactly what you're talking about. I think. Because David Terrenoire has been educating me. Not in the practical sense. Just textbook learning.

Andrea, another midnight! Thanks re the edits, but we'll see. I'll try to have fun - for now, I'm just trying to make dinner!

Gabriele C. said...

I'm midnight, too.

And you're right, endoscopies ain't fun, not with an extra loop in your intestines where no doctor expects it (my dad has that loop as well).

Cornelia Read said...

Hey there, my dear. I am also midnight, and married to a guy with that a.m. dairy farmer wakeup gene.

I am SURE your edits will be good and not painful!!!

And hey, I only puked ONCE on the tour thing... but you've probably already seen that I said that on DL.,..

And I DID show Angie my tattoo--AND poor Mindy!!

R.J. Baker said...

When I saw prunes and bowls...I thought, well...er...

Anyway, you arfe on your way. Good luck...


Daniel Hatadi said...

Good luck with it. Just remember that your writing is not YOU, it's just your work. And editing will make that work the best it can be. Then when people read it, they'll think the writing IS you and that you are magnificent!

Dr. Daniel Hatadi, MD, PhPeePeeD, ScBvRgkLDW.

angie said...

Wait a minute, Cornelia. I thought you said you hadn't thrown up on anybody...must have been post Poisoned Pen!

And Daniel, WTF is ScBvRgkLDW?

I actually took the time of day thingie & I too am a midnight. No wonder I've been so fuckin' cranky with the 4:30 a.m. wake-ups for work!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Gabriele, Angie, Cornelia isn't it weird how many midnights there are here?!

Angie, it was after the Poisoned Pen one that Cornelia had her mishap.

Gabriele, all I can think is ouch. Ohhhh, ouch.

RJ, miss you! Nice to see you're still alive, man!

Dr Daniel Hatadi, words of wisdom to live by, LOL! And yeah, I'm feeling dumb looking at those letters too. Enlighten us!

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

I got midnight. I love midnight - seems my energy perks up around then and that's when I write most my stuff.

As to a colonoscopy - I've witnessed on - don't ask why or how, but I definitely feel for you Sandra.

anne frasier said...

noon??? WTF?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I too am Midnight...

Sandra....your a pro. You can take it. Think of it as a learning experience. May it will be nothing at all!

angie said...

I don't think Anne's happy with her time of day thingie...LOL!!

James Goodman said...

You'll be fine. You're a pro, this is just part of the gig.

Having said that...good luck. No matter how many times it happens, their will always be a sense of dread when you know the first round of edits are coming your way.

anne frasier said...

angie, you're right! i had to take it again-- and it came up noon again!

You are upbeat, ambitious, and never at loss for energy.
You have a lot that drives you in life. The desire to be the best, and a secret hope of fame and power.
And while you definitely have a Type A personality, you are still fun to be around.
You have a ton of charisma and a genuine interest in others. You are adored by many.

unfortunately some of that is true even though i don't like to admit that i'm pretty driven.

the energy, charisma and adoration? *snort*

M. G. Tarquini said...

Goodness! Colonoscopies? Tattoos in intimate places?

Doesn't anybody around here have any WRITING to do?