Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday Smiles

It's truly been a week where I've probably said too much.
Which won't stop me from throwing up another post.
But this one, in Saturday cartoon strip fashion, is just about the smiles.
Probably most are old, but hopefully there's one or two new.
Evilkev will be off, training at a housefire they're setting.
So I'll be sitting here alone on a Saturday, trying to fill the time.
Hope you all have a good day, and I'll get back to you tomorrow, if not with something interesting, likely something bizarre.


Bernita said...

The things one learns.
I've always wanted a Bentley.
I didn't realize it was because of my small penis.

Erik Ivan James said...

Sandra & Bernita,

Good morning ladies.
Think I'll just sit on the side.
Watch you play.
It'll be fun.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Hi Erik!

Bernita, see how educational my blog always is? Likely fair to say you must want a Bentley a lot!

James Goodman said...

Those are fantastic. Thanks for the laughs. "Now you can hear people call you a tosser." That's priceless.

Bernita said...

Certainly is educational, clever Sandra.
Now I have to figure out if I've been complimented one way or insulted in about three others.

Sandra Ruttan said...

From my perspective, it's a compliment.

I know most men won't believe it, but I've never had penis envy.

JamesO said...

It's just as well there's no Alfa Romeos in there.

Bernita said...

Nor moi!
Except when having to go behind a bush.

Sandra Ruttan said...

A few years ago someone came up with something called the Wizzie, I think it was. To enable women to pee standing up. Wonder whatever happened to that?

Ah, the things to think about on a Saturday...

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Thanks to you, Sandra...every time I see a Bentley...I going to bust out laughing....LOL

Great funnies...unfortunately I couldn't post them! Still funny though...LOL

For The Trees said...

These are just SSOOOOOO good. And I'm wondering about MY penis envy. Last I looked, I'd lost mine.

Oh, no, that's just my belly loomin' large. Time to go walkies.

Sandra Ruttan said...

James, Bonnie, Forrest, glad you like.

And Bonnie, you go right ahead and post them. I don't mind. Really, thief.

And Forrest, I'm not even touching that. Your belly, that is.

Boy Kim said...

Loved the ads. Especially the Toyota Landcruiser one.

And you women don't need a "Wizzie", or whatever it's called, to pee standing up. At least not judging by some of the DVDs I've seen.

Sandra Ruttan said...

But then the urine drizzles down our legs.

Which isn't ideal, let me tell you.

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

I LOVE these. They are totally so Bunion-worthy, youknowwhatImean???

JamesO said...

"Evilkev will be off, training at a housefire they're setting."

Ummm, isn't he meant to be putting them out?

Sandra Ruttan said...

FYI - that's how you train, is on controlled burns. I grew up living on the same street as the Ontario Fire College - they burn houses on site all the time, and have concrete structures they filled with flammable goods to do training procedures in.

You think the first time a fireman deals with a fire is a real fire? Not usually, if they've gone for training.