Saturday, March 18, 2006

Left Coast Blues

So, staying at home on the nippy prairies and missing Left Coast Crime hasn't turned out all bad.

I mean, at least I'm getting more than 1.5 hours of sleep.

John Rickards has done a nice summary in his second report (if the link wigs out later, go to and it's on the front page) about height comparisons, fire alarms and Scottish conspiracy theories.

Why do I get the feeling Harrogate will only be a continuation of the antics?

Of course, the one thing I truly dispute is his accusation that Stuart MacBride has been bribing judges with shellfish in order to earn his "Best First Novel" nomination for the International Thriller Awards.

Pssst. Everyone knows shellfish doesn't work, John. You have to use cash.

Seriously though, HUGE CONGRATS to the Bearded Wonderboy, who is obviously too elated to make a blog post about it. Priorities, priorities Stuart. Awards are nice and all, but your readers pay your bills.

And if the fire alarm keeps sounding at LCC, I'm sure by the time they all get home they'll hear it in their heads every four minutes - residual programming. It's likely a brainwashing test or something.

To see if they can take the evil out of crime writers. Though I strongly suspect if I was there, my crimes wouldn't be restricted to the writing - you can take away my freedom, but not my sleep!


Bernita said...

Congratulations to Stuart!
I heard he slept with the judges actually...
Fire alarms?
Is this like the sign that says "In case of bad luck, please break glass?"

Sandra Ruttan said...

Slept with the judges? And still got nominated? Wonders never cease.

Whatever's going on at that hotel with the fire alarms, I just hope it isn't like the boy who cried wolf in the end.

And it truly could be John running down the halls naked pulling the alarms. It's one way to make sure everyone comes out of their room to see the show.