Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Exercise your democratic right and vote for Billingham

Today has turned into something of a posting frenzy, but this latest post is courtesy of the British Book Awards. You can cast your vote online for your picks to win in all the categories.

So go here and vote. (blogger's still not liking my links: the url is

And be sure to vote for Mark Billingham's Lifeless for Crime Thriller of the Year.

Because I said so. And this is my blog, so I can say whatever I want.

Now look into my eyes. That's it. You're getting sleepy, veeerrrry veeeerrrry sleeeepy. Focus only on your need to vote for Mark Billingham. Must vote for Mark Billingham...

Yeah, well, I won't kill you if you vote for someone else. Because I won't know. But really, Lifeless is excellent, a very worthy contender on the list, and I'm pretty excited for Mr. B.

And he's promised rewards in heaven for votes. So if enough of you go vote for him, I might even be able to coax a Maid Marian DVD out of the actor-comedian-author. (again, the url is

So for the love of my DVD collection and good crime fiction, go vote!

And you're likely safe now. I'm returning to bed, where I've been sniffling and hacking the day away between posts and reading MIPPR (a most excellent read) and glaring at the people running around praising God because I have no voice.

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