Sunday, December 04, 2005

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It...

In December I have but one goal, one purpose that will be my sole focus.

I'm attempting to raise money for The Starving* Artists Fund.

The goal? To make enough money for Stuart MacBride to stay home in his pajamas and watch bees for years to come.***

How can you help me make Stuart's dream a reality? Buy a copy of the Spinetingler 2005 anthology, which contains a short story by Stuart.**** Yep, a hefty^ chunk of the proceeds will go straight into Stuart's slush fund^^ so he can save up for the replacement vehicle, or perhaps start the building project. Aberdeen does seem like the place where soppy residents would start hallucinating about animals in two's and big boats.

What do I hope to get with my comparable pittance? Maybe I'll be able to afford a new CD by my birthday.^^^ Hey, we all have to have our dreams!

Now, seriously, the anthology is out and you can find the link at I was hoping to have some fancy purchase button up on my blog, but I'm technologically incompetent*^ and my husband has a pressing need to play Grand Theft Auto.

* Thirsty would be more accurate in some cases**
** Not inferring anything
*** Or whatever it is that he does when he isn't creating an inventory of ancient books.
**** And two by me, but I'm not that important.
^ Okay, I'm exaggerating.

^^ Donations can also be made by purchasing COLD GRANITE - the paperback will be out in January! I recommend printing a copy of the cover off of Amazon and giving it to friends and family with a big, bold note saying, "Your gift is coming soon." It's one way to beat the post-Christmas blahs by giving them something to look forward to, and it's really just a variation on the "box" with cardboard figures of Star Wars toys that people bought years ago when production problems kept the toy company from having enough ready for Christmas demand. If people could give their kids cardboard boxes, you can damn well give your spouse a letter. And especially your parents if you were one of the kids who got a box years ago!

^^^ Which is in June. And I'm actually counting on the new Simon Kernick being out with one day to spare. Wahoo! Although it sucks, because we often only get the trade paperbacks here and last year I got the hardcover of A Good Day To Die in the UK for a steal of a price by comparison... Same with Cold Granite.

*^ Comment on this at your own risk!

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