Friday, December 16, 2005

Dear John, with a twist

Now there's a way for you to notify your partners via email anonymously that they've been exposed to an STD.

  • Ding dong, possible STD's calling

  • Let's just think about this for a second. Is it a good idea? Hmmm, well, people need to know, right?

    But is it completely anonymous?

    Only if your partners have been frolicking with others of late and consequently can't narrow down the suspect list. This would really NOT work if you were in an exclusive relationship with only occasional nights off. I mean, just because you stepped out doesn't mean your partner did. And if you send them an anonymous email then, well, duh. They've likely got a pretty good idea where it came from.

    Your only hope then is that your main partner works as a pathologist and you and your alternate partner can top yourselves while the main partner is on shift. Don't think of it as giving up on life: Think of it as avoiding a prolonged, painful experience when she finds out and gets a hold of you. Pathologists are good with knives. And pruning shears.**

    **See "Two Turtle Doves" - link on the right


    Stuart MacBride said...

    That last paragraph sounds hella familiar... ;}#

    Sandra Ruttan said...

    Gee, I wonder why that is?