Friday, December 23, 2005

Just in Time for Christmas: Canada OK's group sex

The More The Merrier

Today began with a trio of emails from a friend from high school who moved to the States years ago. When she asked if this was for real, I told her we're very forward thinking. And looking for ways to entertain ourselves during the long, cold winters. She said she's moving back.

So, for those who I guess this is a Christmas of KY, whips, thongs and maybe the odd piercing. And in the case of some British writers I know, rubber nun outfits. Oh, and please people, condoms. The decision comes too late to expand the options for the office Christmas party which has no doubt annoyed some, but never fear folks. New Year's is just around the bend, and unlike last year, you don't legally have to leave the gathering to get up close and personal with anyone.

I'm privy to sources that keep me overstocked in tales of the slightly twisted to openly kinky. Since evil Kev is one of the guys who responds to 9-1-1 calls, I can't help wondering about some future day when we discover the Golden Years Retirement Club in town has been a bit too liberal with the viagra scripts and started expanding their group events.

Just the thought has me shuddering with horror.


JamesO said...

Just which piercing is the odd one?

Sandra Ruttan said...

LOL James! Personally, there are some things I could never imagine sticking something sharp through. And I'm leaving it right there.

Happy holidays!