Sunday, December 18, 2005

Naughty Santas

Yesterday, we were driving along the highway and we passed Santa* driving a blue tracker in the center lane.

I guess the tradition of reindeer and a sleigh is a thing of the past. And I can appreciate that. No problems with wind chill, reindeer gas or stomping around on rooftops that have inconveniently abandoned the traditional chimney in favor of a gas fireplace.

But a blue tracker? Really, Santa. If you're going to dispense with tradition, could you not find something with a bit more festive cheer? I mean, even I drive a red rodeo, Santa. What's next? You trim the beard into a goatee and get some neon streaks put in? Maybe lose the fluffy red suit for some black Spandex?**

Of course, an image make-over might be in the cards. I can even get with the idea of cloning yourself so that you can keep up with increasing demand for toy production and personal delivery, but can't you save the carousing for after Christmas?
Rampaging Santas

The happy holiday season just isn't what it used to be.

* I'm not joking. I looked over and there was Santa. But it wasn't Mrs. Claus he was with. Maybe that explains the tracker - vain attempt at disguise.
** Why'd I have to think that? Out damn thought, out damn thought, out damn thought...

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Anonymous said...

Here's a Christmas stamp with a sleigh:

but those are definitely not reindeer pulling it.