Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tragic Loss

Every morning I go over the news. Rarely does something come as close to home as the headline this morning, stating that a volunteer firefighter from Chestermere had been killed.

He wasn’t serving in the line of duty at the time of the accident that took his life. But the team of men and women he served with were faced with the heartwrenching task of trying to do what they’re trained to do, knowing that the life of one of their own was on the line. Kevin’s had moments like that here, just with a happier outcome at the time.

Since our local firefighters train and respond to calls with the team from Chestermere this was someone Kevin knew. It’s a shock to us all.

And a reminder that life is precious. That time is fleeting and you never know how much you have. Apologize to those you’ve hurt. Forgive those who’ve done you wrong. Hug your children and tell them you love them. Take a moment to tell your partner how you feel and show them you remember the little things they appreciate.

What’s important in this life is not how many blog hits you have or how popular your posts seem to be. Real love is not just treating someone like they're flawless but telling them when they're wrong... loving them in spite of their weaknesses and imperfections, not because they hide those things and pretend to be perfect. And what’s important is the people you love and the people who’ve stood by you through thick and thin - the ones who've been there for you day in and day out, in all the little moments, not just trying to ride off your glory or your achievements.

And I truly feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t understand that. May the loss of one remind us all of where our priorities should be.


Randy Johnson said...

I can sympathize with the sad feelings. I had a friend I'd worked with and ran around together in our younger years. As we grew older, he took a job out of town and we grew apart. One night I ran into him in a club and we took a couple of hours to talk and catch up on a few years. That very night he went home and died in a house fire. I was so glad to have seen him those few hours anyway. So, yes, stay close and don't let petty things keep you apart. You never know.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Is there any more noble profession than fire-fighters?

Sandra Ruttan said...

Randy, what a story. It's a powerful reminder. I'm glad you had that time with him, but so sorry you didn't have more.

Patti, it is a noble profession. But I give much credit to EMTs and the police who risk their lives on our behalf daily as well.

angie said...

While we all know our time is finite, we never seem to think we won't have the next day, the next hour, the next minute. But we don't know. It's hard to keep that in mind when getting caught up in the day-to-day bullshit. It could all be over while we're still worrying over what are, ultimately, small, unimportant things.