Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Many Pairs Of Eyes Does It Take To Correct A Typo?

Can you imagine a list of the top 10 ARCs? Authors everywhere are feeling the effects of shortness of breath. Some have broken out in a cold sweat.

It’s bad enough that we feel we’re exposing ourselves to the world. We know there’s this little disclaimer on the front – stating it’s not a final version – and we know there will be mistakes in it.

But we still wish it was perfect.

Now, I heard a little rumour, that a friend of mine was stressing about their ARCs because of the mistakes. And no matter what I say, I know they’re going to keep giving themselves grey hairs with the worry about how people will respond to their book.

I think I’ve got you topped, though. See, when I made up the double arcs the edits for What Burns Within weren’t done. I haven’t even seen one of the official ARCs for WBW, so I have no idea if it has the final edits either.

And for crying out loud, once I did the final edits I was left to wonder how many pairs of eyes it takes to correct a typo.

But wait! It gets better! See, I did a double ARC because it was cheaper overall. Some people wanted to review WBW. Some were looking at blurbing FRAILTY. Some were passing them around to book purchasers…

The version of FRAILTY? First draft.

Brian offhandedly mentioned it was missing pages 25 through 87, just to get me going. Authors, you’re with me on this one, aren’t you? What a terrible thing to do! We stress enough, thank you very much.

I’m sitting down to deal with the typo-laden first draft of FRAILTY now, and believe me, even Brian’s rotten joke doesn’t compare to the way I’m kicking my own backside.

Or the embarrassment, knowing people have actually read the damn thing.

You just have to remind yourself that the first draft is all about getting it down. There won’t be major changes, because my editor gave it the thumbs up and I have the green light to do the second version without notes.

Meanwhile, I’ll console myself with the initial feedback:

An unflinching look into the dark heart of family dysfunction, The Frailty of Flesh raises difficult questions and shuns easy answers. Sandra Ruttan writes with passion and honesty about every parent’s worst nightmare and the result is an emotionally wrenching experience.

-- Sean Chercover, author of TRIGGER CITY and BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD.

"Brave, dark and utterly convincing, The Frailty Of Flesh is guaranteed to break the hardest of hearts. An absorbing read."

- Allan Guthrie, Theakston Award-Winning Author of HARD MAN

"The Frailty of Flesh is not only one of the best procedural thrillers I've read in a long time... but the ending knocked me right out of my seat. Ruttan captures the nature of crime in a way few thriller writers ever manage... this is vivid, impressive, gut-wrenching stuff."
- Russel D. McLean, Crime Scene Scotland

Now I’ll obsess that I don’t have female blurbers. Hmmm. Not sure what’s up with that.

Opinions, opinions

Any list of the smartest TV shows of all time that doesn’t have THE WIRE on it is just wrong – I don’t care whose opinion it is.

I’m indifferent to Hollywood’s worst screen couples (because I could care less, but not much less) and I’m not sure if I completely agree with all the picks for the best British albums… Wonder what Ian Rankin thinks of that collection. Duran Duran Rio? Wasn’t even the best Duran Duran album…

Speaking of opinions, it’s clear to me Cirie should go with the couples tonight on Survivor: Fans vs Favourites.

It’s simple. The alliance of four will take you out first, Cirie. But the couples already have a natural division. You’ll be able to carry to the final three effortlessly. And if you have an immunity idol, that’ll be the time to play it.


norby said...

The couples? I don't know, I'll have to think about that. She's halfway good with Jonathan already.

I have to confess that the few ARCs I've read, I've had to remind myself that it's okay that the typos are there, it's not a final copy. But it is a little jarring, at least to me.

But Brian, dude, that was wrong.

Sandra Ruttan said...

It'll be interesting to see what happens. I hope the fans lose immunity challenge tonight, because what's going on over there is so interesting.

And yeah, that was wrong of Brian. Bad Brian.

stevemosby said...

The music! Two 'Keane' albums in there! I'm apoplectic. Is this the result of a survey? Did they conduct it in a lift?

Sandra Ruttan said...

"Is this the result of a survey? Did they conduct it in a lift?"

HA! Just goes to show there's no accounting for the taste- or tastelessness -of some!

Russel said...

Most of the gut wrenching tension, naturally, was generated because the reader had no idea what happened between pages 25 and 87 - made the book a real guessing game...

Oh ho, I'm a very funny man.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Why is it I feel you're ganging up on me with Brian?


pattinase (abbott) said...

On tenderhooks seeing how The Wire will end. And, oh why does it have to end?

Sandra Ruttan said...

Patti, I guess we can blame HBO. I understand David Simon always had a five season story arc in place, but I know Brian's talked about writing up something when its done, about where the show didn't go but should have.

As a Baltimoron he makes a compelling case for his view.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
norby said...

I now hate Cirie.

Sandra Ruttan said...

You love Yau Man?

Personally... I thought Cirie played the best game possible, all things considered. The alliance of four would have knifed her first. It's tricky to know when to play short and when to play long, but it Eliza goes next I'm good with that. I see that alliance of four as being more obviously manipulating and scheming. The couples have more genuine relationships. Now, that doesn't mean they aren't a threat, but I don't like how the others have come off. Jonathan has been manipulating from day 1.

And Cirie had the balls to tell him to her face the way she saw it. Got to give her that. I don't think she'll win, simply because James already has his eye on her, and she made herself a target to the other three as well, but then, the other team is the unknown variable in the whole thing. One never knows what will happen with the merge.