Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ask Sandra

Now, before I begin dispensing advice to the masses, my first review of SAVAGE NIGHT by Allan Guthrie is up. This twisted little tale blew my socks off. I’d thought HARD MAN was visceral and intense, but Guthrie’s moved to a whole new class with his latest. For a short guy he stands head and shoulders above the rest of us. Jerk.

Whose favourite colour is pink…

Now, if Al was Shakespeare’s agent:

Al gets grilled

I’m off to look for an Al Guthrie piƱata.

Right. So now that we’ve established that, on to dispensing some serious advice for all of you still wondering what went wrong on Valentine’s Day.

First, for all of you girls out there.

How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

It’s amazing they can address so many things in such a short span of time. Really impressive.

Now for the guys. And ladies, you’ll want to watch it too. Half of understanding the behaviour of the average guy is understanding the advice he’s getting.

How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend

Now, if you’d like me to help you with your problems, e-mail me with your personal questions (sandra @ and next week I’ll set you straight. Because telling everyone else how to live their life is so much more entertaining than dwelling on how I screw up my own.

And of course, any helpful relationship tips can be added in the comments. For those who haven't had enough of Al yet, don't forget Brian's got a great, new interview with him.

For those of you who don't want my advice, well, there's always Cookie Monster's take on things. Enjoy.


Randy Johnson said...

The two how to be perfect clips are funny. Unfortunately for us males, there's a lot of truth in them also. We can be exceedingly shallow and self-centered at times. I'll try to work on it.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Yes, well, there is obviously a female bias running through both videos. Funny as they are, there's a lot I could say about women and how shallow and superficial we can be, not to mention irrational.

Mystery Dawg said...

Me WaNT book NOW. LOL, No really, NOW.

Great review. Now all we have to do is wait until June for the UK or a year for the US release

Sandra Ruttan said...

Actually, Savage Night is out in the US in June! Not so long to wait.

Randy Johnson said...

Jeff Foxworthy summed us males up in one comedy bit. He said women wonder what we're thinking. Two things: I want a beer and I want to see something naked.

Jersey Jack said...

Dear Sandra:
After spending decades becoming a mystery novelist, I now find I want to write bodice-ripping romances of the sleasiest kind. What's happened to me?
Jersey Jack

Anonymous said...

My favourie bits are-men like to measure in the perfect girlfriend, and deodorant is for after the shower instead of-for the perfect boyfriend. Hysterical.