Thursday, May 24, 2007

Technological Help for the Do-It-Yourselfers

I should always be concerned when I get an email that says, "I know you're a prude, but just look."

Now, I had actually meant to do a rather serious post about the things we cherish. I was going to talk about my growing collection of signed books. I have the one from Sean Chercover that mentions deep tongue kisses (which Evil Kev had a few things to say about) and the one from Michael Connelly wishing me all the best with my book and writing.

There's the one from Mark Billingham that talks about Stuart MacBride and beards and legs and whose are better (and I have no opinion. Honestly). I have a few books signed by Simon Kernick, including a first edition.

In fact, I have multiple books signed by just about all the authors who've scrawled a signature on a book for me. A handful from Val McDermid and several from Ken Bruen. I used to have more signed by Val than anyone, but then Ken came along...

And I even have one lonely hardcover signed by Ian Rankin. I know, I know, one signed book, and I call myself a fan...

But I've forgotten whatever I was going to say about signed books completely (other than something about really liking them) because of this:

In fact, if you'd like the details about music activated orgasms, this would be the link.

Now, if that isn't incentive to learn to use an iPod then you're either a) dead, b) a nun, c) impotent, or d) a real prude. Or e) happily married.

There's just so much stuff nobody told me about in sex ed. And I just want to say that whatever you do in the privacy of your own home is nothing I want to know details about.


norby said...

This people, is what happens when you try to cheer Sandra up.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Hey, the jokes were funny. Very funny. Of course, I've gotten in trouble on my blog before. I had a post about spanking (the disciplinary kind) and the conference hotel for Bouchercon banned my blog because of using the word 'spank'.

An author called me Spanky Lou all weekend.

And I think that's hysterical. I mean, you can get uptight about everything or you can laugh. And I'd rather have a laugh.