Saturday, May 05, 2007

Holy Hell (warning: hostile language)

I hate spammers. Passionately. I think they are a scourge, a plague, a symptom of a self-absorbed society where too many people think they're so fucking important they're entitled to impose themselves on others in a harassing fashion.

The lowlifes who spam are slightly higher than those who created computer viruses, but only slightly.

I can protect myself from a virus. I can't seem to protect myself from spam.

Check this out. "We hate spam as much as you do. We will never sell, rent, or trade your email address. Period."

What I want to know is HOW THE FUCK YOU GOT MY EMAIL ADDRESS TO BEGIN WITH because I sure as hell didn't sign up for your bullshit mailer. And the lie on your page? Nice to cover your ass so you can't get charged, but if you really hated spam as much as I do you wouldn't have sent me SIX FUCKING SPAM MESSAGES IN THE PAST 24 HOURS.

Do you think I seem a bit angry? Hostile? Perhaps because I am. Take your bullshit shove-the-love-of Jesus-down-everyone's-throat message and go fuck yourself.

What I have to say to your message (below) is that you can stick your formulaic religion up your unrighteous ass.

And yes, I'm swearing a lot more, just because I'm supremely pissed off. This is NOT the first time this particular holy roller spambot has hit me. About six months ago I went through removing my email address from them. Only to get six messages last night and this morning, all at the same email address.

And I am now documenting it on my blog because if it happens again I will move heaven and earth to see that these people are charged. I'm not a pleasant person when I'm pissed off. I'm actually quite tempted to send some porn to the address below, and believe me, it'll be the least I do if they don't leave me be.

I don't answer for door knockers and when telemarketers call and call and call I hit answer and then I hit end and hang up on them.

I hate spam. Every such email in my box takes up seconds of my life deleting it alone, but to have to go click buttons and enter info to get off the mailer I didn't ask to be on in the first place is more time. And that's pretty fucking conceited. You think your time is more important than mine, not to mention you assume your stuff is important to me. It isn't.

Well fuck you. That's what I have to say to spammers.


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In Him,

--Curt Gunz

P.S. Here is the link:

(Click this link or cut and paste it into your browser)
To be purged from this list:
Click this link, or copy and paste the address into your browser.

PO Box 534
Lake Jackson, TX 77566


mcewen said...

Do I detect that you have strong views on this subject!
It is strange though - I always get the spam on two particular pages [and there's no obvious connection that I can see].
Telemarketers and spammers are the same as far as I'm concerned. It is a complete mystery to me why either exists since no-one is ever tempted to buy their 'stuff.' You would think that by this definition they would have fizzled out by now.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Um, I might have some feelings about this topic. Perhaps it agitates me slightly. ;)

I'm with you - I don't know why they exist. I will not donate to charities over the phone, I will not buy over the phone. Spam is just another way to piss me off.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

You are my hero. That was the coolest thing since I watched my wife threaten to assault some Jehovah's Witnesses who didn't want to take no for an answer.

Sandra Ruttan said...

We are one in spirit - you, me, your wife. An unholy trinity, I guess.

Randy Johnson said...

I'm with you on this. I've recently been besieged by this mass emails and taking the time to UNSUSCRIBE as they put is a waste of time. I don't know where they got my email address, but among them in the last few days, I've won 1,500,000 Euros, $750,000, and $2,000,000 in drawings, as well as some guy saying he hasn't forgotten how I tried to help him(curiously, it's completely slipped my mind). Get in touch with so-and-so lawyer, who will arrange to send me$800,000. It's nice to be rich all of a sudden. If only it were true. Sigh...

Randy Johnson said...

Oh, I forgot. Thanks for the forum to vent! I've been steaming about all this crap for a week.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Randy, I am glad to provide the public service! This is part of the reason I keep a blog. I feel so much better getting this crap off my chest!

I've been in the same boat, with tons of spam lately. Tons. People wonder why I'm anal about not giving out email addresses without permission - this is why. There are certain risks that go with the territory, because a lot of the spam comes off the Spinetingler email addresses, and those have to be public to some degree. Unless I know people know each other I always try to bcc others.

I am amazed at the audacity of people to do this stuff. It's actually completely turned me off a few authors as well. Grrrr.

Erik Ivan James said...

Unfortunately, Samdra, there are a lot of lonely people out there who will open those messages. Then, the bottom-feeders feed. Thats why they feed off the bottom. What is egregious, is that they probably eat well.

I don't even take the time to "unsubscribe". I just delete them. They are smart, much smarter than me here on the internet, and I figure that if I go to the unsubsribe link, that activity will just link me to another spammer.

I agree with you...fuck 'em...and fuck 'em with something that has ragged edges. ~J.

Sandra Ruttan said...

J, I know what you mean. Bottom feeders, absolutely. Preying off the lonely, like televangelists as well.

If I had plenty of free time I might ask telemarketers if they think green or blue is better, Spiderman vs Superman, and maybe some truly screwed up questions. The problem is, once someone starts talking I find it really hard to be cruel to a person. Occasionally they earn it, but if they're at all civil I find it hard to be a jerk.

How are you J? Always nice to see you in these parts.
XO Sam