Friday, February 17, 2006

Who you are when nobody's looking

The true you is who you are when nobody's looking.

A lot of people put on facades, cozy up to people they think they can take advantage of or use as a stepping stone in their career. I've heard a lot of talk lately about trying to achieve success in the writing business, and I have to ask myself how people define success.

Writing is a lonely occupation. Hours of living inside your head. It can be cut-throat. Everyone feels entitled to criticize authors and their books, sometimes rightly. Sometimes people just do it spitefully.

In the past two weeks I have:
a) signed a publishing contract for Suspicious Circumstances.
a) signed a publishing contract for Echoes and Dust (tentative new title Terms of Redemption).
a) had my short story, The Butcher accepted for publication by Crime Spree.

Some have been genuinely happy for me, other have been resentful. Such is life.

It's just sad that one person's happiness can sometimes be the source of revealing who their real friends are.

Which character am I?


Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others.

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Galadriel is a character in the Middle-Earth universe. You can read more about her at the Galadriel Worshippers Army.

With thanks to Jason for the link.


Gabriele C. said...

Why do I always get characters I don't know anything about?

Wesley Crusher

(From one of those Star Something thingies.)

I want to be Faramir, dangit. Him, I know.

Last time it was some Babylon 5 guy. I had to ask a friend what Babylon 5 is. I suppose one of the many German TV channels I don't watch sends it, but I had never heard about it.

JamesO said...

I just can't understand why people should be resentful. You've worked for this, Sandra, and you deserve it. They can all just go stick their heads in a pig.

But I wouldn't mind a look at SC sometime...

E. Ann Bardawill said...

Friends help you move.

Real friends help you move bodies.

Bernita said...

I'm with James.
I do not understand it.
You're an excellent writer, with depth and perception way beyond average.
You deserve it.
Why don't they take it as a sign of hope for us all instead of being spiteful about it?
A pig with the trots, at that.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Real friends help you move bodies.

Dammit, Bardawill, stop revealing the plots of my novels.

Well, Sandra...when it comes to success...

Actually, I'll come up with something pithy when I get there.

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Ah! We gots to put a muzzle on that Bardawill!

Sandra, I agree. True friendship is revealed during times of hardship as much as times of success.

And I got Harry Potter. Now I'm depressed.

Erik Ivan James said...

Hold the 'real' ones close and dear. Keep the rest at arm's length.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Stick heads in a pig? I'd like to see that!

James SC is on its way this weekend.

E, oh boy. I'm putting that up on the wall! Priceless!

And thank you all. Really, I hate to say it, but brace yourselves. When you sign a deal - and I have confidence in all of you - you'll face the same cruel revelations.

Sad but true, but I'm not dismayed, because the world is filled with wonderful people and some I thought were friends might not have been, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other great people out there!

jamie ford said...

Conrgrats! It's sad that anyone would begrudge your success. Don't let the doubters slow you down.

And geez, I took that test and I'm Galadriel too. I demand a recount.

Cornelia Read said...

Just let me know when you have a body that needs transport, Sandra. I'll bring the truck and the duct tape. And doughnuts.

And I'm YODA. How the HELL did that happen???? May be time for a little electrolysis, here... especially around the ears.

S. R. Hatcher said...

What's not to be excited about? I think it's great and everyone who has been querying and writing away in obscurity knows what a long walk down the yellow brick road it is to the Land of Publishing. Congratulations and enjoy every deal, every success.

Cheers. I'm tipping my margarita in a virtual toast.

Sandra Ruttan said...


I think people think there can be only so much success out there and when one person gets some, its less for them.

Or something like that.

But I'm not going to obsess on the point. I really just wanted to post the Galadriel thing!

Anonymous said...

Jealous people suck.

You've worked hard, and you'll work harder. I wish you the greatest success.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Thanks Jason!

My sister told me a long time ago that if I ever got a deal she'd be jealous. Of course, that's a sibling rivalry thing. Truth is, she's a fantastic writer.

But I'm okay with it all. Right now, I'm floating on a cloud. No matter how much people try to rain on my parade, I think I deserve a week or two to be generally happy.

Especially since all of Buttons kittens died.

M. C. Pearson said...

Hey there, jumped over from Bonnie's blog. Congratulations!!! That is great. I love to hear when someone gets me hope! Yes. It can be done.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Hey, nice to see you m.c. and you're right - it means people can still find publishers and get there! Don't give up! If I can get a deal, they're there for anyone who perseveres!

Lynn said...

I'm Yoda, according to that test. Which fits, seeing as we're both the same height and age. But I have better hair.

Congratulations on your sales, and don't let resentment bother you. It's a back-handed compliment, but the only one good manners don't require you to acknowledge.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Thanks for that Lynn - well said!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Jealous people suck...yikes...did I say that?...bad Bonnie, bad Bonnie.

But it's true they do. don't even pay any attention to them. We are all happy for there to the poopers!

Oh, dont' stick there heads in a pig...What did the poor little pig do to deserve that....I've got a mircowave you could use...mauw, ha,'ll pop their heads like a melon...oh, geez...I should quit!

Hey, we're proud of ya', gives all unpublished ones hope!

Stuart MacBride said...

"wisdom and humility"

Ooh, it's tempting, but in the interests of good manners I'm not going to rip the piss out of that ;}#

Oh, and you have my permission to tell anyone who resents your success to go fuck themselves with a frozen fish. It's the neighbourly thing to do.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Go fuck yourself with a frozen fishstick - okay, gotcha. I'll memorize the line!

Nice of you to show some restraint!