Friday, February 03, 2006

Make way for the ringmaster and his pet monkey

John Rickards has launched Mystery Circus. Complete with a high-wire act and Stuart MacBride in tights.*

Check it out! Right after you read my post. And comment. And check out Mark Billingham's talk zone. Because Mark's a really nice guy.

And I said so.

* I might be lying about that.


Trace said...


JamesO said...

Somewhere, in a box in the attic, I have photographs of Stuart in tights. He was once a leading light of Aberdeen's amateur dramatic scene and later wowed those lucky enough to see him with his performance as 'A Silly Girl' in pantomine at Haddo House.

I'm sure given the right incentive, he'd don them again.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Well John's just put a picture of on his circus in 'so here we are' that could be Stuart in a kilt...

Or John impersonating Stuart.