Friday, March 30, 2007

New Spinetingler

The new issue of Spinetingler is up. Since my site isn’t uploading to Crimespot these days I hope some of you guys will help spread the word, as there’s lots of great stuff in this issue. You can follow this link for the PDF download and table of contents.

Or take the direct links below for the stories, interviews, reviews, website features, a sampler of Harrogate 2007 and a very special article.

I asked blogger and author Sela Carsen to give us some insight on the romance genre. Crime fiction readers and authors regularly toss out the ‘we’re discriminated against’ mantra when snubbed for literary fiction by reviewers and major awards. But are we any better, or do we, in turn, snub our noses at romance? Great article.

Anyway, no sooner are we done one than it’s time to catch up on the editing and reviewing submissions for the next one. The fact that so many of you look forward to each issue makes it all worthwhile – we appreciate it, as do the talented authors we’re featuring.

Blue Diamond Pool by Kris Ashton
Final Level by BJ Bourg
Bloodlines by Peggy Ehrhart
A Study in Curiosity by Karen Hall
And Then There Was One by Lauri Kubuitsile
The Man in the Mirror by Russel D. McLean
Dream House by Christa M. Miller
Memorandum by Stephen D. Rogers

Anthony Bidulka interviewed by Sandra Ruttan
Anthony Bidulka: STAIN OF THE BERRY reviewed by Sandra Ruttan

Allan Guthrie interviewed by Sandra Ruttan
Allan Guthrie: HARD MAN reviewed by Sandra Ruttan

Profile: Beth Groundwater, by JB Thompson
Beth Groundwater: A REAL BASKETCASE reviewed by JB Thompson

Profile: Tim Maleeny, by Angie Johnson-Schmit
Tim Maleeny: STEALING THE DRAGON reviewed by Angie Johnson-Schmit

Profile: Phil Hawley, by JB Thompson
Phil Hawley JR: STIGMA reviewed by K. Robert Einarson

Profile: Marc Lecard, by CJ Lyons

Ken Bruen interviewed by Sandra Ruttan
Ken Bruen: LONDON BOULEVARD reviewed by K. Robert Einarson
Ken Bruen: AMERICAN SKIN reviewed by Sandra Ruttan
Ken Bruen & Jason Starr: BUST reviewed by K. Robert Einarson
Ken Bruen: THE HACKMAN BLUES reviewed by Sandra Ruttan

Gillian Flynn: SHARP OBJECTS reviewed by Sandra Ruttan
Victor Gischler: SHOTGUN OPERA reviewed by K. Robert Einarson
Adrian McKinty: THE BLOOMSBURY DEAD reviewed by Sandra RuttanAmanda Stevens: THE DOLLMAKER reviewed by Tracy Sharp
John Rickards: THE DARKNESS INSIDE reviewed by Sandra Ruttan
James Sallis: DRIVE reviewed by K. Robert Einarson
Carol Anne Davis: SOB STORY reviewed by Sandra RuttanPatrick Hyde: THE ONLY PURE THING reviewed by Tracy SharpAllison Brennan: SEE NO EVIL reviewed by Toni McGee Causey
Alain Mabanckou: AFRICAN PSYCHO reviewed by Sandra Ruttan
Charlie Huston: SIX BAD THINGS reviewed by K. Robert Einarson
Gregg Olsen: A WICKED SNOW reviewed by K. Robert Einarson
Sean Doolittle: THE CLEANUP reviewed by K. Robert Einarson

Martin Amis: NIGHT TRAIN reviewed by Claire McManus
Steve Rigolosi: CIRCLE OF ASSASSINS reviewed by Claire McManus
I.J. Parker: BLACK ARROW reviewed by Wayne Sears
DVD Review: A CHRISTMAS FAMILY TRAGEDY reviewed by K. Robert Einarson

Harrogate 2007: A Quick Chat With Program Chair Natasha Cooper, by Sandra Ruttan

Website Profile: CRIMESPACE by Daniel Hatadi

Article: PERCEPTIONS OF ROMANCE by Sela Carsen


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