Sunday, December 31, 2006

So Long 2006

Yesterday, my book hit Barnes & Noble for pre-order.

Today it hit 187,160 in the sales ranking.

I would host my own little happy dance but I’m technologically ungifted, so I will send you to Angie’s for one. She’s techno-savvy.

All things considered 2006 hasn’t been bad. There have been ups and downs, as there is for everyone. There’s been a lot of illness this year, a lot of friends touched by loss. Buttons lost her first litter of kittens, all three stillborn. I can still remember the relief that her second litter was healthy. Of course, some days around here, that’s not what’s foremost in my mind as they knock stuff off counters and climb the Christmas tree…

If I’d been better prepared I would have thought hard about the good points, and put some sort of logical order to them. But I wasn’t prepared, and so I’m just going to give you a smattering.

~Having “The Butcher” in Crimespree

~My mentor, Cornelia Read

~Meeting @ B’Con…Anne Frasier, Tribe, Robert Fate, Julia Buckley, John McFetridge, Alex Brett, Denise Mina, Laura Lippman

~Meeting @ Harrogate…Helena, Jayne and the rest of the Billingham Babes (I want a t shirt), Vincent, James, John Rickards, Martin Edwards, Sheila Quigley, Ali Karim…God, I’d best stop this list or I’ll forget someone…

~Al Guthrie and Duane Swierczynski, and The Truth About Dave White, which I’m still working on. Haven’t decided if I should go straight for the blackmail or just put it up, though.

~Ken Bruen

~Stuart arrives in the litter box – Note the striking similarities to her namesake. (It's all in the facial hair.)

~Catching up with Stuart

~My UK trip with Marsha

~Russel falling asleep on the bus and missing his stop

~Hanging with Clan Jordan

~“Fucked Again” was in Demolition

~Interviewing… Jess, Duane, Mark, Simon, Cornelia…

~Getting tipsy at God’s house

~My e-pals Kate, Lynne, Mary, Norby… The people who keep me sane

~All the bloggers who link here, lurk here and email me and comment

~All those who've contributed to Spinetingler and its success this year - Mindy, Angie, Diana, Toni, Andrea, Kate (who bid us farewell but did so much to help us start) and undoubtedly others I've forgotten ***

*** Like Trace. Goodness, how could I forget to mention Trace? I don't think New Book Brain covers that!

Things I’m looking forward to in 2007

~Out of the Gutter

~Interviewing… Al, Ken, Steve, Kevin, Anne, Julia, Tess and half a bazillion other people I’m forgetting, no doubt

~Spring Mouth Full of Bullets, because K. Robert Einarson has an original short story in the issue. And I have a reprint of What Every Guy Wants.

~Writing the next book

~Selling the next book (Hopefully!)

~Hopefully placing another short story I’ve sent out

~Meeting Rick Mofina

~Having a quiet drink with Tim Maleeny at LCC

And if I keep on with lists, no doubt I'll forget someone or something and hurt feelings. All of this to say that it's been a good year, and I'm glad you guys have been a part of it.

Raising a virtual glass to salute you all.


M. G. Tarquini said...

I've got music and champagne at my blog. The Dancing Chippendales are due in later. And I figure at some point, I'll get up something resembling a post.

For example. I realize that tomorrow is one year to the day that we exchanged our first emails.

That was back before you were Very Famous.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Music and Champagne? I'm on my way...

And what, one year? Wow! That's wild. It doesn't feel that long.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the first time I emailed you-was it August?, September? And now yesterday I pre-ordered your book, and bragged to people that my friend's first book is being published next month. Wow. Happy New Year and here's to a great 2007! norby

Sandra Ruttan said...

Ah Norby, it was you! I figured one person must have ordered the book to make me hit the rankings.

I'll name the next kitten after you.

(Seriously, it's been cool getting to know you this year as well!)

angie said...

Wow! It's been a helluva year, huh?! The good, the bad & the fabulous...

Anonymous said...

It's been a good 'un, and next year'll be even better. And I can't wait for the Chippendales!

Anonymous said...

It's not even out yet and you've already got a ranking. You go girl.

So glad to have met you, if only virtually, this year.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Angie, indeed. It's been quite a year!

Bill, do I have a promise on that?! I require something written in blood...

Stephen, I think it means one person bought the book yesterday. God bless Norby!

M. G. Tarquini said...

I tried to post the dancing Chippendales, but my monitor started steaming. go.

anne frasier said...

one of my top ten moments of 2006 was meeting you at bouchercon.

i was trying to think of times during 2006 when i laughed my ass off, and bouchercon was definitely top of the list. wish i could have seen the bill and j.a. smooch, but i've visualized it many times.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Mindy, try harder.

Anne, I think if I'd seen the kiss, I would have been trying to erase it from my brain forever! I loved hanging out at B'con. There are people from this year that I know I will always consider a great friend, and you're definitely one of them! And when I got off the phone today, Kevin said, "What on earth did you talk about for so long?"


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great year. I hope the next is just as good!

S. W. Vaughn said...

Holy crap! 18,000 already?! You ROCK, Sandra!

I'm pleased to have made your acquaintance some time in 2006, and expect great things from you. Have a Happy!

Patry Francis said...

Can't wait to read the book, Sandra! The first chapter hooked me right away.

Trace said...

I'm stoked about 2007! And it's been such a joy to work on Spinetingler, Sandra. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Karen Olson said...

Happy New Year, Sandra! This one will be a wonderful ride! There's nothing quite like having that first book out, the excitement that comes with it, the thrill of seeing it in stores. Can't wait to read it!

Dave White said...

At this point, even I want to see the video.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Congratulations on the book....and may 2007 bring more book contracts!

Cornelia Read said...

Tim Maleeny. Quiet drink. Brain frying--mutually exclusive concepts... and I'm buying for both of you.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Yikes, geez! All of you, thanks. Dave, popcorn night at LCC.

And Cornelia, thanks for putting that in writing!