Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kicking Off The Holidays…

Well, it’s Saturday morning, my Christmas shopping isn’t done, and we’re behind schedule.

There’s an up side and a down side to this. The down side? Kevin got called out last night. And when he did get home there was another call, for a different department. Needless to say it took a while to get back to sleep.

But here’s the up side. Know how I know the new wip is starting to take off? When I woke up I had something to write for it. That’s when I know the characters are really getting into my head and that it’s becoming clear where I want things to go. I didn’t write much, but it felt good to get up at 1:30 in the morning and type out some paragraphs.

In the midst of all the festive chatter I never stopped to think about taking security precautions with Santa. It would seem he’s packing more than toys these days.

Now, we must get ready to go do our shopping, so I’ll leave you with these. I have no idea if it’s any good or not, but here’s one of the Christmas stories I did last year. I think it made sense to me then, as I posted it, but I don’t remember what it’s about now.

And I’m not going to read it.

If you need some real holiday festive gems, try the 12 Days of Christmas collection over at Stuart’s. I really want to re-read them over the holidays, while people aren’t blogging.

Okay, shopping. I hate shopping.


Christa M. Miller said...

Ha! I hate shopping too. I made my husband do it all this year. It was easier because we saved money by not getting each other anything (except the new Tom Waits). Yet I don't understand why I say every year that I'm going to do it early to avoid crowds, and then I... don't. I guess I just hate it that much! Good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

I have become a dedicated online shopper. I would bet three fourths of my Christmas shopping is done online now. Love it!!! I avoid crowds, the endless repeating of only the annoying Christmas songs, and having to watch cranky shoppers torture retail help who are trying to do their job.

The only thing I have left to buy is my parent's stockings, and the drugstore will do just fine for those. Have fun at the mall Sandra and Kevin!! norby

Anonymous said...

I finished my shopping, except for stocking stuffers and whatever we're going to eat. Except a lot of the good is bought too.

Now I am going to go do the stocking thingies, and then I am going to pass out...

Anonymous said...

A lot of the food is bought as well. Plus the good. Which we bought at . . . um. Did I mention I spilled barbecue on my keyboard today?

Sandra Ruttan said...

Christa, this year I think you had a good excuse for not shopping in the fall. When you're carrying extra pounds of baby it isn't like you look for more reasons to drag yourself around in public!

Norby, I think that might be my future. Although I had such positive shopping experiences today I was surprised - I'll probably throw up a short post about my bookstore experience later.

Bill, how do you spill a barbecue on your keyboard? Or do you mean you're eating "barbecue" like how dem dare southerners talk?

I've got these fantastic chocolates in my desk that were sent to me by a friend. Umm.

Cornelia Read said...

I hate shopping, and shopping hates me. I hope you got everything you needed!!!

Merry and Happy,


Jeff said...

Merry Christmas, Sandra!

angie said...

Glad you had a positive shopping experience - I had the shopping day from hell. Most shopping days are hellish (IMO), but throw in the insanity of Christmas & ya get double hell points. Thank god for hockey. It saved my day from utter ruin.

Think I'm running a bit low on the ol' "ho, ho, ho!" - and I don't mean the actual whorish kind.

Okay. Making no sense at all. Must. Get. Sleep.