Thursday, September 28, 2006

Spinetingler News and an evil poem

Contrary to what the name on the blog, this is not Sandra but “he who is surrounded by deranged cats”.

In her absence, Sandra told me to write about what life with her is really like, but a story like that would require the following warning:

“The following post contains graphic violence, coarse language and adult themes. Parents are strongly encouraged to show extreme discretion and keep their children, pets and any literate person away from this post.”

So to protect the innocent and guilty, that post was preempted for an after-school special about the dangers of running with sharpen pencils. We now join “Pointy Pencil Problems” which is already in progress.

Now in the words of Monty Python:

“And now for something completely different”

Good News!!

The Print issue of SPINETINGLER Magazine is available for purchase. Go to to buy one or ten. I won’t complaint either way.

All you fans of Stuart MacBride’s blog may have had the chance to read my little unnamed poem, but since I am too lazy to think of anything else to say, here it is again:

"To know if you are evil see,
You must answer questions three.

Do you laugh when people cry
As you poke them in the eye?

Do you smile when people die
Face down in a blueberry pie?

Do you wish that you could kick
Ugly people when they're sick?

If you say 'It sounds like me'
You may just need therapy

Though you think evil in you lurks
Turns out you may be a jerk!"


Stuart MacBride said...

Nice to see a touch of sense coming to this blog for a change, Evil Kev. Us husbands have to stick together and all that.

Sandra Ruttan said...

With a warning label like that, EvilKev, everyone will want to read what you have to say.

All you've done here is tease them mercilessly.

Now, scratch off shameless promotional reference to Bearded Wonderboy's book at panel this morning...

Anonymous said...

Love the poem! But then, people tell me I'm evil. norby

Evil Kev said...

Many thanks Mr. MacBride. I try to bring sense, style and class to everything I do.


Susan Flemming said...

I was just wondering, are there eventually going to be back issues of Spinetingler available in print?