Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bouchercon - Orientation

The things I have learned so far at Bouchercon:

My blog looks like shit in Internet Explorer.

Pork is good.

Nobody has more books than Jon Jordan.

Sean Chercover is in touch with his feminine side.

Never fly from Portland. (Sorry Bill!)

"We need to work on our signals"

Half a chair works okay in the bar only if you haven't been drinking.

Yes, folks, I'm here. I'm in one piece, more or less. My night flight Tuesday had it's own share of drama, with a medical situation on board. As a result, there was no chance to sleep. This was compensated for by the fact that I had a kick-ass ms to read on the plane, by one of my Killer Year classmates.

I arrived in Toronto completely wiped, and then had to go through customs. Fun. The flight to Milwaukee was smooth and uneventful, and also in a little tin can, so more reading, no sleeping.

I was seriously overtired by the time Jon Jordan picked me up at the aiport, but it as off to see his comic book collection and 'meet' Sean Chercover in person for the first time, and catch up with the Russel McLean, who I had not seen since Edinburgh, when he fell asleep on a bus and missed his stop and made Marsha and I wait downtown for him to figure out where he was. Then we went to the Oxford Bar for a drink and I was still recovering from day 1 of that trip, so I didn't drink.

Felt a bit sacreligious.

Anyway, much fun so far. Particularly when Alexandra Sokoloff came over and sat down between myself and Sarah Weinman and was talking to Sarah. I introduced myself and her eyes got big and she expressed surprise over my curly hair.

Guess I should've posted the curly hair photo again before B'con.


Oh well, it gives me a degree of anonymity.

Got to give Val a quick hug and went for dinner with the Jordan clan, Sean, Russel and Sarah, and have started putting names to faces.

I only hope I remember some of them today because Jon did start me with appropriate beverages in Milwaukee before we even drove to Madison.

My head still hurts a bit.


mai wen said...

I really am beginning to hate Internet Explorer, I've had problems in the past with my blog and IE. Stupid IE!

Aww, curly hair, I'm so jealous. All us stick straight haired girls dream of curly hair!

Have fun, hun. :)

JT Ellison said...

Good morning, sunshine! Sounds like day 1 was fab, and the rest will continue to get better. Keep filling us in when you have the time.
And aspiring and gads of water will help :0)

anne frasier said...

blogger and IE don't go very well together.

my hair's curly today too. mai wen -- curly hair always looks messy!

Jt: wish you were going!

i'm heading for the airport in fifteen minutes!

anne frasier said...
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Brett Battles said...

Hey!! You met up with me last night, too! What am I, chopped liver? Of course, you were a little toasty at the time... :)

Stephen Blackmoore said...

"so I didn't drink"

And you call yourself a writer.

JT Ellison said...

Mr. B, you shouldn't throw stones!
Anne, I wish I was going too -- if only to see that bitchin' tattoo. Actually, hubby was thrilled I wasn't going when he found that one out.
And Stephen's right. He knows all about the half chair issues :)
Keep having fun, kids!

Trace said...

I wish I were there!! Have a blast, Sandra!

Trace said...

And give Bill a hug for me cuz I lubz him!

Eileen said...

It sounds like you've hit the ground running. I wonder if people are looking for a nine year girl given your current photo?

Naomi said...


I'm happy that you're having such a great time in Madison.

And BTW, I wanted to mention to you about the formatting issues. For some reason, on my decrepid computer, your old design read much, much better. Must be a function of Internet Explorer.