Friday, July 06, 2007

VCR Alert

Ken Bruen will appear on the Craig Ferguson Show Monday. Check your listings - you won't want to miss it.

Speaking of Ken, I just finished A White Arrest. Yes, as part of my preparation for the forthcoming release of Ammunition, I am reading through the whole Brant series. This fall, I plan to do the same with all the Taylor books.

However, my Brant fix will be interspersed with other reading. Today, For The Dogs arrived, so I will be spending some quality time with Kevin Wignall. Assuming Canada Post is cooperative, by the time I've finished For The Dogs the new Wiggie* book, Who Is Conrad Hirst? should be here.

Add in that Evil Kev bought me Megan Abbott's Queenpin and Nick Stone's Mr. Clarinet today. Meanwhile, Kevin bought himself Jim Thompson, The Killer Inside Me and got another James Sallis book to salivate over.

I may not only need to give up blogging to read all these books, but sleep as well. I've also promised to read my first Michael Connelly and SJ Rozan offerings by fall. The problem with a backlist like Michael Connelly's is having a clue where to start.

Meanwhile, Russel is back, and he has an interesting post up about publishers. It's a very interesting perspective. I think, for myself, I've been a bit put off publishers that seem lazy with their editing. As in, they produce a high volume of books with typesetting errors that are annoying/cause confusion when reading (paragraphs bleeding into each other, for example) but the number is relatively small.

The more I learn about the industry, however, the more drawn I am to certain publishers. Evil Kev subscribes to Hard Case Crime. There are definitely some publishers dominating my bookshelves. However, I hadn't thought about it in quite the same way until I saw Russel's post.


Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Even in the CBA, I can rest assured that if i pick up a book by a certain publisher, I will find a ton of errors!

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Aw crap, and here I am at Stonecoast with no TV.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Bonnie, do you find it putting you off that publisher? I must say, for all my reading, seeing one that has a questionable track record really isn't a lot. And things change over time sometimes. Last year I read a book that had a horrendous example in it, I had to re-read the section several times to figure out what was going on because of a chunk of different characters' dialogue that all ran together.

Patrick... I think you might be able to watch online? Have you got someone who can tape it? I'm sure somebody somewhere will tape it, so it may hit the internet anyway.