Thursday, July 05, 2007

Summer 2007 Spinetingler

The Summer 2007 Spinetingler went up earlier this week. It’s got a fair bit of stuff in it.

Short stories:
A Tragic Affair - George M. Burden,
Veronica’s Sweetest Gift - Steven G. Childress,
Laura and the Cowboy - Nikki Dolson
Ragamuffin Girl - Grant McKenzie
The Living Dead - Amra Pajalic
Rattenkreig - Stephen D. Rogers
The Inheritance - Pam Skochinski
The Rocks - Robert Wangard
Profiled - James R. Winter

This is a great batch of stories. I don’t want to get into dissecting them, because I could be here for ages. Check them out for yourself!

We also have an excerpt of Jack Wakes Up by Seth Harwood. For those who missed it the other day, Seth does weekly podcasts of his novel, and you can listen online for free. I did the intro of the ‘story so far’ last week, something that came about because my husband did a podcasting feature on Seth and Shannon Clute in this issue, and Shannon Clute also wrote a profile on Out of the Past and Behind The Black Mask.

There are interviews. A teaser of the forthcoming interview with Rick Mofina, which will run in the fall issue. Others interviewed include:

Steve Mosby
Sheila Quigley
Julia Buckely
Jon Papernick
Toni McGee Causey

And Marshall Karp is interviewed by Cornelia Read.

Two other ezines – Heliotrope and Pulp Pusher – are profiled. And there are plenty of reviews, including:

Broken Skin by Stuart MacBride (this is actually an opinion piece covering all three of his books that I wrote up)

The 50/50 Killer by Steve Mosby
A Perfect Grave by Rick Mofina
A Thousand Bones by PJ Parrish
Songs of Innocence by Richard Aleas
The Big Blind by Ray Banks
Baby Shark’s Beaumont Blues by Robert Fate
Street Raised by Pearce Hansen
The Concrete Maze by Steven Torres
Cruel Poetry by Vicki Hendricks
Lottery by Patricia Wood
Sinners and Saints by Eileen Dreyer
French Creek by Peter Rennebohm
The Sleeping Doll by Jeffrey Deaver
Scavenger by David Morrell
Double Delight by Rosamond Smith

I’m fully capable of saying we’re already getting a deluge of new submissions, and I hadn’t quite finished clearing my backlog. Sigh. I’m afraid that with the new job, and with a few of our readers unavailable, I may have to turn around and close again right away. I’m currently slotting stories for the Winter Issue scheduled for January…

You can also subscribe to get an email notice when there’s a new Spinetingler. Just email with the word ‘subscribe’ in the subject line. Email addresses will be kept confidential.

For anyone interested, about a year ago there was a huge fire out here. Millions in damage. Kevin took a digital camera with him, and snapped a photo from outside. He kept the camera inside his turnout gear, and when he went into the fire it was so hot it melted part of the casing. Camera still works though, so we’re able to share an image of the fire with you.

And, join with me in wishing James Oswald all the best tonight. His story, Natural Causes, ran in the fall 2006 issue of Spinetingler. He wrote a full-length manuscript based on the story and it shortlisted for the Debut Dagger prize. He’s off to London tonight for the awards. No matter what happens, he’s a fantastic writer, and I hope this helps him land a publishing deal.


ORION said...

Aloha to Spinetingler and Sandra!
I hear what you say about needing readers.
I could do with a few myself!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Ha! Clever. I have a feeling you'll be finding your readers. Or should I say, they'll be finding you?