Sunday, July 01, 2007

"She's No Dan Brown"

For those of you who've wondered what I sound like and have not yet checked out Jack Palms II it's time to head over there and listen to the latest issue. It's free, and yours truly gives the story so far right at the beginning.

In fact, in the new Spinetingler (theoretically up tomorrow) you can read an interview with Palm Daddy Seth Harwood, and the first few chapters of his work.

I say 'theoretically' because Kevin's off at a fire, and, well, one never knows when there's a fire. It could throw everything off schedule. Like my sleep.

In other news... Courtesy of Brian I have a new blurb. Actually, courtesy of Brian's mom. Her take after reading Suspicious Circumstances: "Well...she's no Dan Brown but I liked it."

Indeed. I have nowhere near as much money and don't have to keep a lawyer on retainer but now have this strange idea for a story about Emmanuel Carpenter, the reincarnation of Jesus. But I'm worried that might actually be the plot of a book I read 20 years ago and that I'm really remembering someone else's story. I think I'll stick to things I know nobody's writing about. Like Zombie dogs, and The Farting Cheese Fanatic.

On a serious note, it always seems a bit more personal when terrorist attacks happen at a place you've been yourself. Being familiar with the Glasgow Airport, yesterday's news was not just sad and disturbing. It was similar to how I felt after the Madrid train station bombing a few years ago, and the Bali terrorist attack: It sort of takes away a memory. Deep down, you know you can't return to places and expect them not to have changed, but when you see terrorist attacks on them on the news, you realize that in a different way.

I'm relieved that the attacks have fallen short of their intentions. I know right now, there are people out there who've been planning to go to Harrogate Crime Festival and are now nervous about traveling. Two years ago I went in the wake of the London bombings. The British are (unfortunately) familiar with dealing with terrorism. I have no doubt they'll be on full alert and everything possible will be done to ensure the safety of the public.

That said, I can only try to imagine how all our Scottish friends are feeling about this right now. I hope we've seen the worst of it.

For those who need something to lighten the mood, courtesy of Norby: There's a Problem With My Printer. You know, I've experienced something quite similar to this myself. Except for me it usually involves yelling, not pulling out a video camera.

And with that, to bed.


Randy Johnson said...

"She's no Dan Brown." I can confidently say, having read all four of Dan Brown's novels(unfortunately), that he's no Sandra Ruttan. I liked the "reading a twenty year old novel" crack. Lewis Perdue thanks you.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Thanks Randy. I haven't read any Dan Brown, so there are just so many ways to interpret the comment, but honestly, it's just nice to hear that someone tried the book and liked it.

And while I mean to take no sides on the Lewis Perdue issue, this is a very real fear that many of us have. When I started writing in crime fiction I wasn't widely read in the genre and saw no reason to fix that. I was afraid I'd pick up a book with someone already writing my idea. But as long as I hadn't read it, my idea was my own and not stolen, if that makes any sense.

There've been a few books in the past year touted as original and innovative, and they're nothing more than rip-offs of CSI plots. Arguments over creative theft are always interesting.

Randy Johnson said...

Of course it makes sense. For example, most TV series won't read unsolicited scripts. For that reason, they're returned unopened.

Anonymous said...

I sent the video to my sister too, except with her cat it would more of him leaping and falling on his head.

I was in London right after the bombings too-maybe we saw each other? Seriously, people were fairly upbeat. You have to carry on with life-my mom was completely freaked out, but I figure if I'm going to die, I'm going to do it living, not staying at home to afraid to do anything.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Randy, the music industry is much the same. You have to go through proper channels to circulate your work.

Norby, I'm with you. Of course it's only human to be scared, and I certainly don't mean to suggest people shouldn't be vigilant and cautious. But by all means, don't stop living. If we were going to do that, we may as well have given up years ago.

David Terrenoire said...

She's no Dan Brown is right up there with Rickards' "Not shit."

Sandra Ruttan said...

LOL David!