Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harrogate Highlights

Donna Moore notes that Kevin Wignall "looks bugger all like his author photo" and she isn’t the first to make that observation. We’ll have to keep an eye on Contemporary Nomad to see if Mr. Wignall will admit to playing with photoshop to disguise his identity.

Julie Lewthwaite admits to sharing a bench with someone, and I find myself wondering if it’s the person Donna referred to being benched in her post. Ah, the rumours begin…

Vincent may have proven men don’t have the staying power of women, since he lives much closer to Harrogate than Donna does and couldn’t even manage three full lines so far. And he didn't have to deal with crutches either! (Look for more here in the coming days, when he’s slacking off from work, making fake wounds or filming.)

Man of few words that he is, Al Guthrie has only managed this so far.

Russel of the bench and hangovers took my threat about taking advantage of his cell phone number at ungodly hours seriously and actually managed a Friday post. I responded in kind by not ringing him up at 5 am. There's always next year.

James hasn’t checked in yet, but no doubt will in the days ahead.

Stuart did check in with the best blog post title regarding Al’s Theakstons win.

And Euro Crime has posted a bit so far and I expect there will be more details in the coming week.

Incidentally, I got that press release as well, which I thought was interesting. Not the details, just the fact that I got it. I always find it really weird when I get some sort of detailed but somehow impersonal press release on an author I know. Considering some of the things I’ve talked to Al about on the record I felt this release really tried to highlight his sweet and respectable side. Steered clear of the sexual habits of rodents and fish completely. And look at that photo. Does that look like the kind of guy who would kill puppies in fiction?

I’m sure we’ll also have a full recap from John Rickards but the last photo he posted prompted me to scrub my eyes with steel wool, so I can’t link over there. I’m still only seeing shadows, thanks to that.

And, of course, I’ll be looking forward to Ali Karim’s recap when it’s up.

There will undoubtedly be more posts to come, and I’ll try to add links in the coming days, but this is the cheat sheet for all the blogs you won’t want to miss.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sandra,
You saved me heaps of time, i enjoyed that!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Glad it helped Chelbel!