Friday, January 25, 2008

The Opinions Expressed Are Not Necessarily Those of The Management

I'm always joking about using t-shirts as part of my marketing campaign.

Today, courtesy of Bunny, I bring you various t-shirt designs.

(Someone really must get that one for Ray Banks.)

(If nobody can tell what this says I'll post it tomorrow.)

Now, why is it this design seems to me to be perfect for John Rickards?

And on that note, words of wisdom to live by:

"If you go home with someone and they don't have any books don't fuck them." - John Waters

In answer to the questions about Spinetingler lately, I've incorporated a few updates in a lengthy post at Crime Zine Report.

I'm also officially throwing open the discussion about acceptable standards for writers and ezines. I can't make people chime in, but with a strong discussion of the issues we stand a better chance of drafting a policy about acceptable standards that we can try to advocate both writers and ezine editors adhere to. Please take the discussion to Crime Zine Report, unless you want to talk to me privately, in which case, e-mail away.

Happy Friday everyone. Next week, big news from me...


Jim Winter said...

Evil Kev is pregnant?

Sandra Ruttan said...

If he is Jim, I guess there was a lot about him I didn't know while we were still married.

Sophie said...

Where was John Waters when I was dating????

Also, does it bug anyone else that there are 's in bros and hos?

Sandra Ruttan said...

LOL Sophie!

And yes, the good, ol' apostrophe sins.