Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some Moments Never Come Again

We grow up hearing about celebrities in the media and inevitably feel we know them on some level. It's not uncommon for fans to hope to meet favourite musicians or actors...

And now, authors. I received an email recently, from a friend, who had a chance to meet his favourite author and it was such a great story. And then he reminded me that the way I think of Ian Rankin is the way he thinks of George Pelecanos.

Which was kind of depressing, in a way. It reminded me there were a lot of things I always thought, given the chance, I'd ask Ian Rankin. Nope. He said something shortly after meeting me that completely embarrassed me and I didn't say much after that. Not that he was rude, but it sure kicked my shy streak in to high gear. Anyway, don't suppose I ever will ask him. I've scoured countless interviews for the answers but nobody ever asks these questions - and yes, they are about the writing.

End of the day, it doesn't matter anyway.

Anyway, speaking of great Scottish authors, Swierczywonderboy presents Al Guthrie week and you can check out his blog every day for updates. No photos of the infamous Pussy Snorkel T-shirt yet though.

They're having fun kicking up their kilts in NYC... And I'm going away for a bit. Not sure when I'll be back, but meantime play safe and have fun.



Jim Winter said...

I always have a problem talking to Dennis Lehane. Every time, I end up sounding like a fawning fanboy.

Ken Bruen? Laura Lippman? "Yo, wanna grab a beer? How's the kids?"

Dennis Lehane? "Dar... I liked MYSTIC RIVER. Would you sign my cocktail napkin?"

Randy Johnson said...

I once had a chance to speak to Ian Rankin on a call-in radio program. After, I realized what a dork I'd sounded like. No telling what he thought. Oh well...

Sandra Ruttan said...

Jim, it was his guest appearance on The Wire. Enough to make Gods worship him. ;)

Randy, my guess is Ian Rankin is used to it. And you probably didn't sound as dorky as you thought you did. We always beat ourselves up afterwards and wish we were eloquent or had said this or that... but what we really said was just fine. It's only us that knows we're kicking ourselves for not saying something else.

Sonya said...

But Sandra, where are you going??

Trace said...

A few years ago I was at a convention in Philly and couldn't get in to get my Lehane and T. Jefferson Parker books signed. The lines were terrible.

So I'm at the front desk trying to get my key card re-magnetized. When I'm done I turn away from the counter and look straight into the eyes of Dennis Lehane. I froze. He's my absolute idol. There wasn't anyone else there. But I was so overwhelmed I just looked down and scurried away.


Eileen said...

So now I want to know what you were going to ask. When I meet authors I love I turn into this simpering pre-teen faced with a boy band. It is an ugly, ugly thing.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I doubt I'll ever meet Dennis Lehane, but that seems to be a common response Trace.

Sonya, you know where to find me. :)

Eileen... Unless I get a chance to properly interview Rankin, I'll take them to my grave. And I'd bank on it being the latter of the two options there, as I won't be asking for an interview. I had to try to go through his publicist for something else last year and that was a waste of my time.

mai wen said...

Hey! Love the new look!!! Just wanted to drop you a note from Edinburgh where the great Ian Rankin presides! Haven't spotted him yet, but if I do I'll definitely go bug him!! Loving it here, have you ever visited Edinburgh??? Thanks for the note, can't wait to catch up on your life once I get back in the States!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Hi Mai Wen! I love Edinburgh - hope you're enjoying it! Can't wait to catch up on all your travels. It sounds like you've been having a wonderful time.