Friday, April 27, 2007

A Grab Bag of Goodies

As though my Veggie Tales post below wasn't proof enough, I'm fascinated by the absurd, and today's a day when the headlines were just one wild story after another.

In Texas, a two-year-old hands over some cocaine while in Edmonton a four-year-old was taught to dance like a stripper while her stepdad watched porn.

In Winnipeg a four-year-old boy gets lost in a dump for a few hours. Probably a good thing it happened there because a trip to McDonald's to make everything better might have raised interesting questions if they'd been in New Zealand, where a woman found something unexpected in a Happy Meal. Maybe McDonald's is expanding with adult happy meals?

Despite the headline, though, there's nothing funny about the story of the woman who bit back when attacked by two dogs. Thankfully, RCMP arrived in time to save her life.

Ever look at the headlines and wonder what the hell is wrong with the world?


norby said...

Maybe they should hand out condoms in Happy Meals-kids are having sex younger and younger every day-of course it would be more effective if the condom were in the packet, not already taken out. And it was colored-eye catching!

As for the jogger, biting back seems extreme, if they were shepherd collie mixes I doubt her teeth got through their coats. What I really don't get is why she would pass up a trauma center to go to the place she works at. They don't give distances, but personally, I'd want the trauma care.

You know, offbeat news used to be just a small section of the news, not the headlines.

Sandra Ruttan said...

When I first saw the headline about the woman biting the dog back I thought it was insane. Then I read that story and I think she was just doing any and every thing imaginable to try to save her life.

Really scary.

I wonder if the condom was rainbow striped or neon or something? I was about to say something, but a slight bit of restraint has been exercised...

Susan Flemming said...

"Ever look at the headlines and wonder what the hell is wrong with the world?"

All the time Sandra, all the time. Especially lately, I'm coming to believe that the world has gone temporarily insane. At least I hope it's temporary.

Totally off topic... but earlier this week I was tagged in The Thinking Blogger meme... and yours was one of the blogs I listed that makes me think.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I hope it's insane too, Susan.

I'm really surprised on two counts. Proof of my absence from the blog world - I missed a meme? Ha. And I got mentioned? Hope that wasn't in the "makes me think the blogger's crazy" category!