Monday, April 02, 2007

A Book Is Born

For most of us authors, it feels like it takes forever to get to that moment when you hold your first book in your hands. You write it. Quite often you rewrite it. And rewrite it again. And query. And... maybe eventually, you get an agent and/or a publisher.

And then it still takes quite a while. There are edits, covers to contend with, getting the pr train in motion...

Of course, life gets weird. You enter a whole new realm. You become an author and sometimes, you get to read books before they hit the shelves.

Back in September when I was on my way to Bouchercon I had a little light reading for the plane - a paper copy of a book that would be coming out in 2007. And I couldn't put it down. Reading on 8.5 x 11 drives me nuts sometimes. I think because at home I can't lie down in bed properly. Damn John Rickards, who gave me several uncomfortable hour in bed on my recent reading of The Darkness Inside but I couldn't put that book down (fantastic), and when evilkev's home it's too noisy to read anywhere else. What is it with men and the need to leave ten electronic gizmos going at the same time, even if they aren't in the same room? But I digress. Where were we? Ah, yes, 8.5 x 11. And on a plane it's an awkward size because you don't have a lot of room. But I flew through this one and upon my arrival in Milwaukee I wasn't feeling so great from lack of sleep, but that's another story.

Now, marks another surreal milestone - seeing works I've read in paper manuscript form become books. It's what we writers dream of.

The book:

But don't just take my opinion about the book. See what others have said:

Anne Frasier, USA Today Bestselling author of HUSH, PLAY DEAD, and PALE IMMORTAL
"LOST DOG is a heart-stopping, tightly-woven debut by a remarkable new crime-fiction writer."

Alafair Burke, author of Dead Connection
"Lost Dog is an excellent debut filled with suspense, surprises, and memorable characters. I predict we'll be hearing more from the talented Bill Cameron."

Available Now

Congrats to Bill Cameron.


S. W. Vaughn said...

Woot, Bill... again! :-)

Vincent said...

Always good to see. Hard on Rickards though. I mean, he may have given you several uncomfortable hours in bed while you were reading TDI, but my number one rule when reading in bed is don't let any bearded authors creep under the covers. If you do and you get bristle strike, you've only got yourself to blame.

Evil Kev said...

There is a simple reason to leave everything on. I want to be able to return at a seconds notice. So if something interesting is on TV then I just need to sit down. And between commercials I can go back to my computer and work on something until I hear the show has started. It's very efficient. (Though not green, more purple I think...)

Sandra Ruttan said...

Vincent... I just have no comeback for that. None at all.

I'm sure the spousal unit would have echoed the sentiment if he hadn't been too busy explaining his waste of energy.

norby said...

Yeah, I noticed that evil kev just didn't even say anything about Rickards being in your bed. Which you think would bother the average husband, more than other authors being in your bed even.

Unfortunately I have no room to criticize evil kev's waste of energy, I'm the same way. TV on, computer on, every light in the house on. Why turn 'em off, I'm going to need them again eventually?

Evil Kev said...

Good job Bill. Hope to see more fine books.

I wish I had something clever to say regarding this Rickards situation but nothing comes to mind.

Sandra's just jealous she can't multitask like me. No one can get more things half done than me.

Eileen said...

It is quite possible I may be crushed under my to be read pile.

Anne said...

i'm with s.w.

another woot!!! can't have too many woots!

Anonymous said...

That's been on my to read list. Loved the premise when I read about it.