Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Very Quick Spinetingler Update (and personal note)

We ended 2006 with more stories submitted* than we could publish in a whole year. Since we work 1-2 issues ahead, that means I've sent out a hefty chunk of rejection letters.

Some writers (accepted for our Summer Issue) are still waiting on edits from me. I know... but it will be Feb. before you get them. Sorry.

There are currently 15 stories on the shortlist, and I'm only taking at most 6 of them this time. So, it's back to the subs for me with the big red pen.

Oh, and there are still subs in the inbox that haven't even been read.


Now, this is very important. Not only are we moving down to three issues per year, we're also closing to submissions from May until September. The exact dates will be posted on the website soon. Anything coming in after May 1 will not be read.

So, if you're thinking about a story now is truly the time to put the polish on it and send it in. By the end of April I expect to decide on half the stories for the Winter 2008 issue.

* Guess I should have been clear - that was stories submitted for consideration for publication in 2007. Not counting all the other subs we went through for 2006.

(And on the personal side, there is a big difference between being OFFERED something you're CONSIDERING and inking a deal. Deals are nice and the ultimate goal but writing with Ken Bruen? Nothing's made me more excited... I think ever.)

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