Saturday, January 13, 2007

Top Reads 2006

Stuart MacBride. Allan Guthrie. Duane Swierczynski. Anne Frasier. Ian Rankin. Ken Bruen.

Yes, there are some familiar names, ones you might expect.

There are also other names. Lee Barwood. Vicki Lane. Javier Sierra.

Robert Fate, Cornelia Read...

What the hell am I talking about? The Spinetingler Best Reads of 2006 list, posted on the front page of the Spinetingler site.

I had tried to avoid doing a top reads list for 2006, but eventually broke down and named my 13 personal picks. Then it grew from there. What about doing an official Spinetingler list?

We contacted some of our regular reviewers and asked for their picks, went over everyone's lists, tried to narrow it down...

Considering it's a list comprised from the reviewing and personal reading choices of a number of Spinetingler regulars, it's a good list. Tough as hell to make.

If I have one regret from my personal reading from the past year it's that reviewing took up too much time. The new Simon Kernick and Mark Billingham books are still waiting. Haven't managed the new Laura Lippman yet either. What sucks is, I don't want to short-change those reads. I want a few days when I know I can savour them. So, instead of squeezing them in between all the other madness I've been holding out.

I need a vacation, just so I can read more.

However, I won't complain. I got to read a lot of good books in 2006, and not even all of my own personal choices made the cut for this list. My own top reads included Ken Bruen's Vixen, Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects (okay, I finished it Jan. 1 but I read most of it last year), Bill Cameron's Lost Dog. John Morgan Wilson's Rhapsody in Blood. Damn, JMW's books, I want to buy the whole series and get caught up.

One of these days...

Maybe when I quit reviewing. ;)

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