Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sex Appeal

Reading forums and listserves sometimes cracks me up.

There are still these lingering impressions that men are pigs and women are proper. Maybe those outdated ideas don't hold fast as much where you live, maybe I'm just out of touch, but that's still how I see it. We're moving in a direction where more and more is out for public consumption, but there are still ideas about how guys and girls behave, and what's appropriate.

I commented on this once, watching some movie or show. "Why is it okay for me to say a guy on TV is hot, but it's a problem if you say some actress is a babe?" I asked evilkev.

He said, "Who said it was okay for you to say the guy was hot?"

Huh. See, I don't go out with groups of woman to strip clubs. I don't hang out with friends and nudge them when some fine specimen of a man walks by. The only time I typically comment on a hot guy is...

...when I'm watching TV with my husband.

Which may suggest I'm just a first-rate brat, and nothing more.

But the thing is, I have talked about this with friends. We all expect guys to check other women out.

Now, part of me thinks I'm liberating my male friends. Be healthy guys, say whatever, I don't care. But part of me wonders if I'm reducing these guys to stereotypes based on outdated gender roles.

Should I be holding them all to a higher standard? If your eye causes you to sin pluck it out sort of a thing?

To be honest, I think women are just as down and dirty as men. If guys are dogs, women are mutts. Or alley cats.

Here's one test. Wonder how many men won't look at the pictures.

And I wonder which of the ladies will put a name to their favourite eye candy.


Anonymous said...

How come you didn't post up any photos of male eye candy? So not fair!

James Goodman said...

She did, Dana. Didn't you see that last picture? :D

I still look and as does my wife. Neither of us have a problem with the other doing so. It's healthy and natural to notice attractive people. As long as it's a look and not followed by anything more, I really don't see where it should be a source of friction among couples.

Trace said...

Oh man, women can be worse than men. Should've us women in the office I used to work in LOL! It'd make your hair go straight(since your hair is curly, that is)!

S. W. Vaughn said...

I wanna be a mutt. Or maybe a tramp. :-)

I don't mind men looking. My hub doesn't mind me looking -- but I usually don't because I'm really not interested. Sigh.

My mind is only in the collective gutter. I don't have one of my own. But I can drool over Johnny Depp with the best of 'em. I think celebrities are nice and safe. We know we'll never get them. :-)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I both look as well, but we also tease the heck out of each other for looking. But like James says, it's natural to notice attractive people, and I know at the end of the day that my husband is coming home to me and vice versa, so where's the harm. I am, though, more likely to comment on someone when out with a group of friends rather than hubby, because of the whole teasing thing. Mainly because he just doesn't know when to stop teasing.

And James, if you think that is male eye candy, your wife has been lying to you. norby

mai wen said...

I don't know why girls get mad about their men drooling over celebs, I drool over male celebs and I also have no problem admitting when a female celeb is hot. I mean, hellllo, if I were a guy (or a lesbian) I'd totally want Halle Berry, so who am I to fault my hubby for wanting her? I mean, damn, she's hot!

But I'll admit I'm uncomfortable when my hubby thinks someone he knows, like a co-worker, is attractive, and that's just my insecurities. I understand that he'll naturally be attracted to other women and we have always pushed brutal honesty to each other for our marriage, so we talk about when we're attracted to others (I also am attracted to other men at times) and usually talking about it defuses the attraction.

Anyways, ultimately we're all animalistic pigs, aren't we? We just spend our whole lives pretending we aren't.

Sandra Ruttan said...

LOL - it's funny reading people's thoughts on this one.

I am in complete agreement about this. We aren't blind. It's just funny to me, because there's been a discussion about a calendar of authors, and I can't even produce names for it. It isn't that I don't know of some good-looking male authors, it's that I certainly can't go on the record and say, "XXX XXX" is hot!

Uh, that wouldn't go over well. Particularly when I'm packing for the next convention. Guess it goes to the whole 'people you know' versus celebrities thing.

And I'm still not fessing up to which celebs I happen to think are hot!

anne frasier said...

years ago my husband drooled over LONNIE ANDERSON. i kid you not. now that kind of drooling can be a huge problem, because i couldn't understand it. she was my total opposite, so i always felt there was some weird psychology at play that i failed to grasp. i'm jeans, t-shirt, no make up, tomboy. hey, maybe i'm a lesbian. now i get it.

ivan said...

That diner scene:
I swear it's four girls I know from Newmarket ON