Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Happy Huskies

Yesterday Mother Nature was out to get me.

It rained.

Which severely pissed off my huskies.

You'd think they'd go into the doghouse. That custom-built 6'x4'x4' wonder of a shelter that we slaved over. Heck, even the over-priced store-bought doghouse that occupies their space would be better than sitting out in the rain. But no. Sit they did, until they were equal parts of mud and fur and looked quite unhappy with the way their time outside was shaping up.

So I decided to bring them inside, which is usually an uneventful process. But not yesterday. Nope. The rain is pelting down - a cruel hoax of the weather gods because after all, it is November, and this is Canada...Rain? WTF? - and this is when the dogs decide to help me get back to the house in a hurry. Chinook twists around and starts running behind me while I'm trying to hold on to his collar and Nootka lunges forward. The end result? I look something like a pretzel as I land on my ass in the mud.

To make matters worse, it's like those dogs know what they did. Bearing in mind that they're now facing opposite directions and one is on each side of me, I'm getting licked by Nootka and whipped in the face with Chinook's tail.

I finally get them inside and they're grinning at me. Evil dogs.

And, as though Mother Nature had only been waiting until I had to peel off the mud-caked jeans, as soon as I go upstairs it has started to snow.

Which has undoubtedly pissed off a lot of other people. But the snow has made my huskies very happy.

If there's a lesson in there, it's this. Leave the dogs out in the rain.

And the moral would be that your misfortune is cause for someone else's celebration.

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