Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And Miss Popular is... still Aunt Sandra

My sister always said there'd be a day when friends would be more important to the kids than anybody else. Now that my niece is in junior high, I figure pretty soon I'll have to present an ID card when I go to the house so she knows who I am.

But not yet!

I asked her if she'd play a role in a little drama. Usually, a guaranteed yes. This time: "Well, when do you want me?"

"It starts at 7 so I'll pick you up around 4:30 and take you out for dinner." Usually, the nail in the coffin. An evening, with me, dinner to boot and no little brother tagging along. What more could a girl want.

"Um, well, that's when the party is."

Party? Hello, on a school night? And what party could possibly outshine the prospect of spending an evening with me and a bunch of mystery writers?

Nope, not a boy, not even a school friend. The kid next door. The much younger kid next door. I mean, like that can compare.

So, being gracious, I tell her it's up to her. So she asks exactly what it is I want her to do.

"Well, you're going to dress up as @!X%#@! and have a small part to play and then somebody is going to murder..."
"I get murdered?"
"Well, not for real."
"Cool! Okay, yeah, I'll do it!"

And I didn't even mention the fact that there'd be food and festivities to follow.

Good to know some people just can't resist the chance to get offed at a Christmas party.


Stuart MacBride said...

What exactly does getting dressed up as a '@!X%#@!' involve?

Is it wholesome? Are Hessian bags involved? Will she be scarred for ever more?

Eh? What? Tell!

Sandra Ruttan said...

"What exactly does getting dressed up as a '@!X%#@!' involve?"

What? You don't know?

Well, I could tell you now, but then I'd have to kill you. This is top secret until Dec. 8 when I unleash my evil plan!