Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Next Great Crime Novel & My Bests of the Week

Sometimes great things come from new initiatives. Right now, readers have a chance to influence publishing. The way I understand it, only votes of 10 count, and the top ten vote getters get to the second round (not sure how they factor in volume of votes or any of that stuff).

I haven't surfed around or read all the stuff up there, but Todd Robinson from Thug Lit has entered the fray, so if you have time drop by and give him ten.

I know I've stirred up a bit of chat over the last few days. I do love lively discussions. But since we're on the subject of contests, I thought I'd bring you some of my top picks of the week.

Best Line
One of the downsides of reading on the toilet and leaving magazines alongside is that you can, on occasion, find yourself peeing whilst James Bond is smugly staring up at you from the floor - Vincent

(Staying on the pee theme) Best Line in a Commercial

Because we pee on sophisticated technology all the time...

Letting me have a picture like this, he deserves to take the piss, doesn't he? Identify this Cockney Geezer and, well, you can feel special. I do figure it's the result of what he's been drinking, and he might be less inclined to respond to people oui oui from now on.

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