Friday, June 08, 2007

You Just Know Somebody's Going To Write A Book...

...influenced by this. Cops killed in murder-suicide.

Police said the two had a "relationship" but did not disclose what it was and would not elaborate further.

Add in that the female officer, acting inspector Kelly Johnson, was the highest-ranking female officer on the force, and had been recently promoted to fill the position vacated by her ex-husband, who just retired. Reads like a soap opera.

It was the kind of headline that, the minute I saw it, I knew would probably influence someone to write a book using the premise. I don't think it will be me. While my mind obviously went into overdrive, wondering at what could possibly motivate this murder-suicide, it somehow feels too close. Maybe just right now. It's the kind of real life mystery with scandal attached that's certain to keep journalists happy for a while.

There is a part of me, though, that can't help wondering if the conclusions will be as simple as the speculation. Johnson was burnt out, overwhelmed by stress, and killed her on-again, off-again lover and herself.

Meanwhile, Amra Pajalic has a great post up, which at first blush appears to be about a new book she likes. However, it goes way beyond that, and delves into how one author built a career, not making much money, but bringing herself up to the point where she got an international deal. This is one of those 'persistence pays off' stories that's inspiring.

Part of the reason I think Amra's post is so worth reading is because my own recent post with the link to the story how some authors claim their book deals ruined their life irked Angie into a full rant.

The past couple of days I've thought about a few things I could have ranted about, but basically couldn't be bothered enough to care enough to put the energy into it. Instead, I've been reading lots.

I think Sonya said it best in the comments - there's a big difference between genre writers and the authors interviewed for that article. Most of us actually write our books before we sell them. Most of the people they talked to were writing non-fiction. You know, I'm sorry, but there's not a whole helluva lot of difference between a biography and a term paper for school. In fact, in school I had assignments to write biographies. You do your research. You write. If it's too much work hand the money back and walk away. Get over yourself.

Life isn't fair, so why should publishing be fair? Every job has it's stresses. Just because a book is published it doesn't mean it's any good (BOMC) and just because one doesn't find a home doesn't mean it isn't genius. Now, this may produce a lengthy post from me at some point soon... but then again, it may not. My thoughts lately have more to do with writing inside and outside genre fiction, but expressing them would no doubt tread on some toes. Since when do you care, Sandra? Well, maybe I just don't care enough about the subject to take the grief over it. I've mentioned here lately I've been writing something that *could* fall outside the genre. It could just as easily fall in the genre. I guess, end of the day, I don't see it as about the writing. I see it as being who decides to embrace you.

Why am I writing what I'm writing? Because I don't want to be a formula writer. I guess that's why the true story I've touched on above isn't appealing at the moment, but someone's sure to use it as inspiration.

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