Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tra La La De Da

'Tis the season, and everyone's posting about their Christmas memories, their bests of the year and all that jazz. I can't think of a better time for me to cut back on blogging a bit, to focus on the current manuscript. I'll be pretty hit and miss for a while. It really is force of necessity. Last week I went into Wal-Mart and started scripting one of my most violence short stories because I absolutely hate the idiocy of shoppers this time of year. Of course the center of the aisle is where to stand when you're checking your list, staring off into space or need to scratch your ass. And the one nice thing about not having kids is not having to hear them whine about the toys they want, so no, I don't enjoy listening to that either.

But because I don't begrudge those who are excited about the holiday season (after all, Christmas is typically my favourite holiday of the year) I leave you with a little light holiday fun...

And the reminder that there are only 19 shopping days left.


Graham Powell said...

My favorite Christmas story: One Christmas I was sitting there watching my kids open their new toys, and feeling happy as a clam, when my wife said, "Aren't you going to open your presents?"

And my reaction: "You mean there's more?"

Richard Cooper said...

I don't understand why people will stand in a line that goes to the back of the store when they just need to click the mouse a few times and have it delivered. Only masochists go to Wal-Mart during peak hours!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Every hour at Wal-Mart is a peak hour. Actually, I really hate shopping, so I'm careful about when I go, but that still hasn't helped much.

Graham, I think one of my strongest memories was when my niece was three and she projectile-vomited all over her dad Christmas Eve. I'd just been holding her and passed her over, so I was quite relieved.

Eileen said...

Never go into WalMart in the month of December is one of my mottos.

Love your new cover.

angie said...

Yeah, I've been AWOL from internet/blogland for a while, too. And so is my holiday cheer. I think it's around here someplace..."Holiday cheer? Bueller? Anybody?"

Christmas shopping just sucks. As does any kind of shopping this time of year. Actually, I think shopping just plain sucks. I must be missing that shopping gene, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but those *%#@ing gifts just won't buy, wrap and mail themselves. Bitches.