Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gregg Olsen: The Progressive Interview

He's handsome, funny, one of the greatest guys who's ever walked the earth, but enough about my boyfriend. Seriously, Gregg Olsen's new book, A COLD DARK PLACE, is out today...

and Gregg has come out of hiding to do a progressive interview. Gregg Olsen is a prolific author and multi-award-winner for his true crime books - and a New York Times Bestseller - and I'm delighted to host a portion of this interview here today. My question for Gregg:

If a notorious criminal was going to write your biography, who would you want to write about you and why?

Gregg: This is an interesting question, Sandra. Living or dead? I suppose if I wanted to have it be well written, I?d choose Jean Harris, after all she was a headmistress before she shot Dr. Herman Tarnower of Scarsdale Diet fame. She probably knew her way around words and I?ll bet she was a very neat typist. If I wanted to disappear into the text I?d have a narcissist like Scott Peterson write the book because I?d be merely a footnote in my own story. Yet, if the goal is a bestseller, I?d like to suggest Ted Bundy. Everyone loves a sexy author with a killer smile. He?d be booked on every show. I?d be famous for a book I didn?t have to write.

DON'T STOP HERE! Follow Gregg's journey through the blogs. Next up, Cornelia Read asks Gregg about whether or not crime fiction's role in providing social commentary has inspired his shift from true crime to crime fiction. I won't give anything else away - get the full scoop here!

For more information about the truly handsome and talented Gregg Olsen, please visit his website, and don't forget to run right over to Barnes & Noble (or your local independent) and buy A COLD DARK PLACE.

(And once you're done following Gregg around cyberspace - trust me, there are some great questions lined up for Gregg along the way - you might want to check out Ruth Jordan's thoughts on The Glass Ceiling in our genre.)


Anonymous said...

I've been trolling around through this interview and realized that after the third "progressive interview" announcement I ran into, I was damn tired of hearing about it.

For Gregg's bio, I would pick Bundy. I firmly believe there is a devilish side to Gregg that exists and Bundy would be the one to capture that darkness entirely. There must be: he writes these thrillers too darn well.

Kidding aside, it's great to see Gregg shine with his fiction. He works hard at it and lives with those characters he creates. I cannot imagine shopping and having to run home to jot down a scene that came to me while digging through melons at the local supermarket. It must drive Claudia (his wife) crazy.

Anyway, great book, Gregg . . . You are on your way to the bestseller lists with your fiction.

M. William Phelps

Anonymous said...

What a great question!!
And I love Gregg's answer, especially the part about becoming a footnote in his own story, lol.

Best of luck with this book. It sounds like it will be a hit, with many more to come!

Eileen said...

gah. Here I was finally starting to make a dent in my to-be-read list and then I click over here. This sounds great- and I love that it's set near Seattle.

Great question too by the way...

Anonymous said...

Sandra, thanks for helping me with this "progressive" interview. Several of the folks who particpated were suggested by you. In fact, all good things seem to lead back to Sandra!

Because I just have to know, what famous criminal would you pick to write your story?

Sandra Ruttan said...

Oh Gregg, I don't think I had that much to do with the success of your progressive interview - it was all you!

As for my own biography... crap. That's a hard question. My cousin works at Kingston Pen, actually, so she rubs shoulders with a lot of interesting characters.

Maybe Conrad Black...