Monday, June 16, 2008

The Long and Short of It: Help Wanted

The new Spinetingler is up, and is a tribute to Tribe that incorporates short fiction that first appeared on Flashing in the Gutters with new flash pieces and short-short stories.

Appropriately, Tribe has just granted Mystery Bookspot, the site that adopted Spinetingler and does the layout/design/uploading and technical support for the issues, permission to host an archive of the stories that appeared on Flashing in the Gutters.

This is where you come in. If you have a blog, or the means, spread the word. We will not post flash pieces without permission of the writer. Any of you who remember Tribe's wonderful site can imagine what a time-consuming project this will be already, but trying to find a way to contact each individual writer will be next to impossible.

If you wrote a story and want it in the archive, e-mail us. If you wrote a story and don't want it in the archive, e-mail us. That will keep us from spending time contacting you later. I imagine that somewhere along the way we'll post a list of names of people we're trying to contact or have not heard from as a last ditch effort to incorporate those stories. For now, we're relying on people spreading the word.

My thanks to The Rap Sheet for already posting all the details. Contact information is posted there.


RAC said...

The new issue of Spinetingler is fantastic. It's a real treasure trove of stories! (And thanks for publishing my own short-short, too!)
Richard Cooper

Sandra said...

It fits perfectly. I love this collection of shorts. Glad you enjoyed it!

Austin Carr said...

My boss is running around the neighborhood telling everybody he's an editor now. What have you done?

Ali Karim said...

Very good Sandra,

Some people perhaps don't realise the amount of time and effort it takes to get an ezine online

Thanks - your efforts are apprecaited


Sandra said...

Austin, hasn't your boss always been insane?!

Ali, thank you. I stand in awe of the energy you invest in this community, because what I do has my plate completely full and it doesn't seem like much compared to your contributions.

I'm grateful for the support of mbs. Mark, who took over the design and website, has done a superb job.

Picks By Pat said...


I posted the news on my blog, Love the magazine, by the way!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Thanks Pat! I appreciate it.