Thursday, June 05, 2008

Headline Commentary

8-foot statue of Jesus stolen off cross in Detroit
- Don't worry. He's coming back again.

Mounties to charge 6 after busting Montreal coke ring
- Spoiler for the next John McFetridge novel.

Virgin marriage ruling shocks France
- Still no word on whether or not the groom was/remains a virgin, though.

Dogs going postal at nearly twice the normal rate
- How does a dog hold a gun?

Man rigged shower to shock wife.
- Good thing for her that he's a crappy electrician.

Red wine may curb effects of aging.
- Don't forget: so will dying young.

Some days, all the news prompts from me is a bit of sarcasm.


DC said...

Intersting story about the stolen plaster sculpture of Jesus Christ. I wrote a blog story a while back about how artists from the Orange County area were becoming the victims of copper thieves as well.

It is sad when a person's work of art (that may have taken a year or more to create) can be snatched up and melted down for money. Very sad indeed.

pattinase (abbott) said...

See, nobody wants to be in Detroit. Even Jesus. (I'm allowed to say that cause I live there).

John McFetridge said...

Yeah, coke smuggling through the airport, I like it!

I was thinking of using the Maxime Bernier affair, are you getting much about that, Sandra?

Canada's minister of defense dating a woman who also dated a Hells Angel member, a Mafia lawyer, a loan shark and now it turns out a member of the Mafia in Montreal. Not all at the same time, of course, in some cases she only moved on when the guy got killed (the loan shark) or sent to prison for life (the Hells Angel), or, I guess forgot her birthday or an anniversary or something.

It's like Profumo Affair but with organized crime instead of Soviet spies.

By the way I was in the World's Biggest Bookstore in Toronto today (which finaly admits it's nowhere near the biggest) and there was a nice display of What Burns Within on the "New and Hot" shelf. Looks great!

Sandra Ruttan said...

dc, it's amazing and appalling what people will do. That's one of the appeals of crime as a topic to me - it has an impact on everyone, whether they realize it or not. We all pay higher insurance premiums and taxes for police and services because of crime. Directly or indirectly, none of us go untouched.

Patti, LOL!

John, yeah, that's a hot topic. I read online, so I'm still following what's going on. Juicy for a crime fiction author, especially you. Lots of real-life inspiration there!

Picks By Pat said...

You were being sarcastic? I thought it was called honesty!

Eileen said...

it's a cliche- but oh so true- truth is stranger than fiction