Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday, we were downtown Baltimore, fighting against the stream of traffic headed to the baseball game, so that I could stock at Barnes and Noble.

On the way back, we saw a church bulletin board:

Induces a wry smile, doesn't it? Or, if you happen to be a Red Sox fan it probably provokes a different response. We all know what they say about opinions. Everyone has one, which doesn't always make them right or wrong, but it's certainly nice when the opinions match our own, or give our work the thumbs up. I got an e-mail this morning, informing me that Fresh Fiction has selected WHAT BURNS WITHIN as their Fresh Pick today.


It's always nice to get an endorsement, but it's even nicer when it comes from people you don't know, you've never had contact with, who are giving a nod to your work because they genuinely like it. It's one of the most sincere compliments you'll receive.

That said, my stomach is in knots every time I hear of an impending review. I'm glad I've been so busy this time around, because it's distracted me from the waiting and worrying. However, I'm happy to report that I have internet at the house now, am getting my computer set up slowly but surely, and can find my way around the kitchen now.

The other morning, I even spent some time in bed reading.

Sure signs that life is starting to approach something that passes for normal. Hopefully, that means I'll be around here more often too.

Since I've been signing stock at Barnes and Noble stores in Maryland, you can now get your hands on a signed copy in Owings Mills, Towson and Baltimore. If you can't get to Maryland, you have one more day to enter for your chance to win a signed copy.


(With thanks to Jen for this one.)


Stephen Blackmoore said...

Woohoo! Good reviews are... well, they're good I suppose. Congratulations.

Pepper Smith said...

Cool! As you said, it's great when they feature you because they like your work, and not because you know them.

As for the church sign, I always wonder why people seem to think God is going to take sides in sporting events...

Sandra Ruttan said...

Thanks Stephen. Yeah... good is good. :)

Pepper, LOL. The sign made me smile. Funny how some people think, isn't it?!

angie said...

Good stuff all around (except for the gas prices). Glad to hear you're getting settled in!

DC said...

people always look to 'greater powers' to explain things that they do not understand. Makes sense that people look to those same powers to interject in something they care about (ie: job interview, the Red Sox Winning the World Series, etc.)

It is hard to separate religion-esque thinking and rational thinking, even though we like to think we can sometimes (ie: politics).

Sandra Ruttan said...

Angie, yeah, getting there!

DC, I wonder if people also use faith as a scapegoat, to avoid admitting their team sucks. If God doesn't let them win then it just wasn't meant to be, instead of saying the team stinks and you feel like an idiot for cheering for them.

Brian said...

Everyone knows that ANY f'ing baseball team in the same division as Boston and NY is gonna need the help of the almighty to get anywhere.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Brian, what does that say for Baltimore? ;)